Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Riot Fest 2012 Saturday Best of Shots #photo filled feature

Saturday favorites from ChiIL Mama/ ChiIL Live Shows--Riot Fest 2012

Were you there?   Riot Fest 2012 was the best yet, with a brilliant move outdoors to gorgeous Humboldt Park.   

It was a sweet, all ages fest with a huge range of people from hard core punks to new born punk kin.

Whether you want to relive the weekend, live vicariously and see what you missed, or remember what you've forgotten, we're sorting through thousands of our original Riot Fest photos to bring you some seriously sweet recaps and band features.   

Saturday was a particularly fun day to shoot--from GWAR's blood drenched fanatics, 

to the night's fire spinners, accompanied live by Descendents and Rise Against.

For now, here are just a few of our favs from Saturday.    Check back with us early and often.   Lots more to come!!

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