Monday, September 17, 2012

All ages El Circo Cheapo at Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusements 9/22

Check out our past, photo filled coverage of Brilliant Corners 2011 right here.   Click here our full original review/feature.

We've been active in the circus arts community for the past few years as our kids are on CircEsteem's pre-team and are learning aerial arts, Chinese Pole, clowning, juggling, unicycle, and more.    We've reviewed numerous circus shows for ChiIL Mama and ChiIL Live Shows are avid supporters of as much local Chi-town circus as possible.   El Circo Cheapo are some of our favs.   Quite a few of our kids' teachers are involved.     

Then get out this weekend and see them live, in the big tent.  Riverfront Theater--one of our favorite theater spaces in the city--is the now to be permanent tent of Peter Pan and La Soiree Cabaret fame.   

El Circo Cheapo at Brilliant Corners!

This Saturday only!
Come check us out in the big tent!
Saturday, Sept 22, 5-6
We love performing in tents, and you love when you get to sit in a chair for only $10! That's right...chair seats for $10! Wooo hooo!

Come check out some of the best acts of El Circo Cheapo Cabaret (and Crockett's very last show with us anywhere...sob!), all hosted by the very hilarious Adam Burke! Yes, THAT Adam Burke!

There's really not a lot more to say about it. It's going to be totally awesome, totally fun, and totally early in the day, so set your alarm clocks for 1PM, get some brunch, and head to the Brilliant Corners of Popular Amusement to see some "intents" circus. HA HA HA...get it?

Riverfront Theater is at Chicago Ave and the River. Big white tent. Can't miss it.

Tickets here. Now.
"The ability to let go and be enthralled by a Brilliant moment of entertainment or spectacle is at the heart of human experience. At every Corner of the globe, people come together to enjoy the most Popular and more obscure forms of human Amusements."

Don't miss the Putterbaugh Sisters, doing alate night comedy set at the Festival, Friday night!

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