Friday, September 21, 2012

HELP OUT: Septembeard Official Music Video

What is Septembeard?

Septembeard is an organization with a simple, focused goal: eradicating prostate cancer, the second leading cause of cancer deaths in men, in our lifetime. And with your participation and financial support, our goal is within reach. Be part of something bigger than yourself, and look good, while doing good.

We caught up with Chi-town's own Tony Rogers and the Rapping Cowboy-Chris "Sandman" Sand at their Hideout show.   Check out our live footage from that night and our original dual video interview with the two quirky musicians.    They're both dads, who gave us some fodder for our ongoing video exploration in "How Creatives Parent and How Parents Create" and expounded on their respective careers, their history and more.    Check it out here.

Catch our prior Tony "The Good" & Sandman interview & show coverage here.

There's still time to kick in some cash for a great cause during "Septembeard".    Check out their main site right here and help eradicate prostate cancer.

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