Friday, August 31, 2012

ChiIL Live Shows Best Of The Fest--North Coast 2012 #NCMF @northcoastfest

It's here!!   And so it begins.   North Coast Music Festival 2012.   For the next 3 days, we'll be sending summer off in style and rockin' Union Park.   

*Remember, this year kids under 10 are free with a paying adult (down from 12 and under last year-boo!)    Still, they've got Riot Fest beat.   They're only admitting punk kin under 5 for free.   Boo and hiss.   So get your little hippies & house freaks outta the house and introduce them to some of your favorites before they're a bar-worthy 18+ or 21+ and would rather die than go to a music fest with their PARENTS!   

3 day passes (except VIP) and Sunday single day passes are SOLD OUT. 

There are so many sweet choices.    We'll be shooting all 3 days, catching a bunch of sets and even more crowd shots.  Unfortunately--Murphy's Concert Law applies and multiple bands I want to see equally badly are up against each other.   We'll see how things play out or catch some half sets. I'm a bit old school in that it's more fun to shoot a band than a DJ--How many floating head/macbook shots can you really see before it gets boring.    I dig bands with instruments.    That said, we do plan to catch Girl Talk for sure.   We have some jam friends from back in the Grateful Dead and Phish Phreak days who are now completely obsessed with Pretty Lights.    So we may check them out live, too.    We ditched em at Summer Camp Music Festival for burlesque and Jane's Addiction, so since that's not an option here....maybe this time.   We've seen and shot both Girl Talk, Umphrey's McGee and Van Ghost (numerous times) at Summer Camp Music Festival and elsewhere and recommend catching them all this weekend.   We're especially stoked to finally catch Mathien live.   We were in the middle of a video interview with ALO and missed 'em at Summer Camp.   Mathien plays the Dos Equis Stage at 2:30 PM Sunday.   Check 'em out.


**Click the daily schedule links here to hear a sample of each band, read band profiles, set up your own schedule, sync with your friends, and more.**

Here are the Major players


Here's the daily line ups break down with who we're stoked to see featured in red.    We'll be adding loads more as we go and running photo filled band features. Today we've got kids in school & team gymnastics so we can't make it till the headliners.   But Saturday and Sunday are a whole different matter!   Tonight we're all about STS9.

Friday August 31st - NCMF 2012 DAY 1 STS9 Axwell Knife Party Paul Oakenfold EOTO Yelawolf Mord Fustang Midnight Conspiracy King Khan & The Shrines Papadosio Two Fresh Minnesota Auto Body Abdecaf Team Bayside High Gentlemen Hall ...and many more!

Saturday September 1st - NCMF 2012 DAY 2 Girl Talk Umphrey's McGee Atmosphere Excision Alesso The Rapture Tommy Trash Felix Da Housecat Future Rock Beats Antique YACHT Dan Deacon Gramatik NiT GriT People Under The Stairs Mr. MFN Exquire Thibault Zebo Family Groove Company Strange Arrangement LoBounce NORdjs ProbCause ...and many more!

Sunday September 2nd - NCMF 2012 DAY 3 Pretty Lights Steve Angello Steve Aoki Big Boi Digitalism Chuckie Modestep Rebirth Brass Band BoomBox Digital Tape Machine Maya Jane Coles Thundercat Savoy Van Ghost Com Truise Zion I Wyllys & The NY Hustler Ensemble Stratus Mario Florek DJ SOLO
...and many more!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mucca Pazza Safety Fifth Album Release at Bottom Lounge #original live show photos #original HD videos

Rhythmic, cult-like chanting filled the air at Bottom Lounge on August 18th.    Moooo ka pa za

When we saw multiple members of the crowd sporting cow costumes, we knew it would be a night to remember!

Chi-town's own favorite punk rock marching band rose to the occasion for their raucous, official album release party for Safety Fifth, and did not disappoint.   The full sized marching band in their wabi sabi, mismatched uniforms and their cheerleaders with shredded caution tape pom pons, are our kinda crazy.   They truly shine in live performance and are a spectacle to see.   

Their name may be Italian for mad cow or crazy cow, but we think they're crazy like a fox....crazy talented musicians playing crazy good music...and a crazy fun show.

*worlds collide alert #1:   Dug ran into two sets of friends from the TV production world at the show.   One of those friends is a neighbor to one of the Mucca Pazza pom pon girls, who is also an accomplished local aerialist/acro/circus performer.   She's played Alice in Wonderland and has ties to another of our favs, The Actors Gymnasium.

*worlds collide alert #2:   ChiIL Mama has caught Mucca Pazza's head muckety muck, Mark Messing, for video interviews twice at Chicago Children's Theatre--once in a duo with Brian Selznick, author/illustrator of Hugo Cabret.  (Brian's book was the basis for Oscar Award winning hit movie, Hugo, and The Houdini Box play.) The other Mark Messing/ ChiIL Mama interview is in a duo with genius director, David Kersnar, in an amusingly Ernie and Bert-like bed interview on the set of Goodnight Moon!   Check them both out by clicking the links above. Mark is the mad maestro and musical mastermind behind Mucca Pazza and the scores to numerous musicals and plays including the critically acclaimed Hunchback Variations.

Check back with ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.   We have loads more HD video clips and live show footage coming soon.   

**Check out our CD review for Safety Fifth and prior photo filled feature from Mucca Pazza at Hideout by clicking here.

** Check out more of our prior Mucca Pazza coverage here.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Renaissance Drizzle Day Fun-ChiIL Mama's Top Ten Reasons Ren Faire in Rain Still Rocks #photo feature

"That should be a drink....Renaissance Drizzle.   Maybe a gin and tonic slushie?"  the slightly sodden vendors in the circus arts tent said as they juggled and demonstrated diablo in the rain.   Sunday was that kind of day at ye olde Bristol Renaissance Faire.   But even without fair weather, we had a fabulous time revisiting the 1500's.

ChiIL Mama's Top Ten Reasons Ren Faire in Rain Still Rocks

*1  The crowds were down, and we could walk right up to most food and even ye olde flush privies without a wait!   The dust and heat were down,
too.   Huzzah!


*2  There was something satisfyingly absurd about seeing water balloon acro in a downpour.   The overfilled balloons popping on the pre-soaked actors was still amusing.   Barely Balanced's new aptly named 2pm "Water Show" was a wet and wild good time.    The slippery surfaces made for more of a challenge and they needed a bit of extra stabilization, but that just added to the fun.    And ice down the pants is still cold...and funny, in a chilling rain.   It was raining enough that I kept my camera packed away, but we highly recommend seeing Barely Balanced!

*3  It was the weirdest rain I've ever seen.  It repeatedly rained in very hard, short bursts then cleared, then rained hard and short again all day.   When I mentioned to a vendor friend of ours, that I'd never seen it so short and hard and over so fast, a corset clad bar wench passing by laughed and said, "It's like a guy doing it."   We laughed at the time, but it got funnier the more I really thought about it.

*4  We ended up seeking shelter in little stores we'd never visited in our decades of doing Ren Faire, and stuck around longer looking at the goods in some of our old favs.   

We found secret hidden gardens, licorice & sassafras root beer,

awesome drums, didgeridoos 

and wicked cool witch hats, all while dodging the raindrops.


*5  Long haired boys look hotter when wet....Yeah, alright.   So do the bald ones.


*6  Whips still light and crack gloriously in the rain.   We highly recommend checking out Adam Crack, the fire whip guy, who holds 10 Guiness World Records...

and knows how to open a pop can like no other!

*7  And the kings of Ren Faire...The Swordsmen, are a must see as well, even with their altered casting this season.   Guido is "locked in the tower in London for reading ribald love poetry to the queen", so Dirk and Guido's young nephew, Bravo, are entertaining till he can be freed.   In actuality, Swordsman David Woolley is recovering from a heart attack, and healing well, but still taking it easy.   We like the colorful back story, though!  You can follow The Swordsmen on Facebook  for health updates and future show info.    

Bravo's risen to the occasion admirably.   He's like a 1500's Orlando Bloom type in velvet tights and thigh high leather boots.   And Dirk and Bravo can play off all the age difference jokes in both directions.    Catch 'em while you can.    Guido is slated to return by the 2nd week of Ren Faire in Ohio.   Huzzah!   (It was also raining a bit hard for my good camera to make an appearance, but you can look back in our archives below for years of Swordsmen fun).

Here's a shot of the boy, Bravo, the only one we don't have prior mug shots of...from the Swordsmen's FB page. My husband, Dug, did the audio for The Swordsmen's DVD, so we've been taking annual Dug and Doug pixs for years. (see Dirk with hair!!).


And our favorite shot--the bloopers roll--from the "felled by a bootlace fight" also involving a cookie, a kid wipe out, and an accidental stoning!!   Click here for the full sordid tale.  


Click any or all of these links for our photo filled past features
*8  Downing swords in a downpour!   This time around, we also dug The Clan Tynker Circus in the rain. 


We were able to shoot the bulk of their show, including stilts, accordian, fire eating, sword swallowing, juggling and duo diablo, before the drizzle became a deluge.   

But the short, hard rains came just in time to make their grand finale extra challenging.   No more spoilers.   Come see the show for yourselves, or you'll just have to wonder...

*9  Giant waffle cones and mile high chocolate crepes are just as tasty under an umbrella!

*10  Bravo for the brave--Rain adds an extra element of misery and danger to aerial arts, acro and wire work!   

Huzzah to the performers who brave pelting rains, fire & ice, machetes, knives and swords, slippery tightropes, and bodily harm for  our amusement.


Also, huzzah to my brave and awesome 9 year old daughter who broke her permanent front tooth on Saturday, doing a Chinese Pole demo for a circus open house.   Her hands slipped and she did a face plant right into a metal pole, braved the dentist, and despite a fair amount of pain, she was up for a visit to Ren Faire the very next day.   Instead of hiding out, embarrassed, she rocked her gap toothed grin, proudly declaring it as an extra Renaissancie touch to her costume!!    We'll get her patched up with porcelain next Saturday when the root's calmed down.   Then she'll have a self proclaimed "bathtub tooth".

Bristol Renaissance Fair runs one last 3 day weekend, Labor Day Saturday through Monday.  Come on out and play while you can. 

Be sure to snag discount coupons at Walgreens before you go.   Also, check out  Bristol Ren Faire's main site right here, for advanced tickets, specials and must see events.   Then head out of town and back in time for some merry olde adventures at Bristol Renaissance Faire.    The fair runs through Labor Day Monday, then there's a special 25th anniversary bash September 14th & 15th this year.    Huzzah!!   This year, for the first time, Bristol is also opening it's two day cast party to the public.   The fair will be packed up, but food and drinks will be plentiful.  

Bristol Birthday header 1
September 14 & 15, 2012
12550 120th Ave Kenosha, Wisconsin 53142 
It's Bristol's 25th Birthday and we're throwing a party  - for you! This isn't a Renaissance event, it's the Faire in full party and dance mode. Come join the celebration September 14th and 15th, 2012 and for the first time ever, experience the magic of Bristol by night.
Green FairyEnjoy a wide variety of beverages including tasty specialty beers and unique cocktails. The green fairy herself will pour the Absinthe.
89 mojo at Brat StopSavor juicy cooked to order food while swaying in time to the vibrant beat of popular bands, 3D and 89 Mojo.
See you there! Sincerely,
Bristol's Birthday Hosts
Tickets can be purchased by calling the office 847-395-7773. Tickets can also be purchased at the Guest Services Gazebo during any faire day.
$6 per night or $10 for the whole weekend. 
The fine print: Office is open 9am-5pm Monday thru Friday and 8am-8pm Saturday and Sunday. Cash, check or credit card accepted. Tickets are only valid for the date on the ticket. No exchanges are permitted. No refunds. Lost tickets cannot be refunded or replaced. Orders placed using a credit card will be charged a $3 processing fee per order. Physical tickets will be mailed for credit card orders.
**NOTE:  This is not a Renaissance faire. Costumes and Masks are not permitted. This is a modern rock concert event where everyone is invited to simply come, party, and enjoy a great night out!** 

Bristol's 25th Birthday
Experience the Magic of Bristol at Night! Bristol Birthday cakes
We start at 6 PM Friday the 14th and party until midnight.  Saturday the 15th we open at 3 PM and close at 12 PM.
Cover charge is $6.00 a night or the whole weekend for $10.00. 
This is a limited ticket event.  First come, first served.  Watch for additional information.
Where & When 12550 120th Ave Kenosha, WI 53142 September 14 (6PM - Midnight) September 15 (3PM - Midnight)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kindie Land: Mister G Releases a new Bilingual Collection of Songs in Time for Hispanic Heritage Month: Chocolalala

Mister G Releases a new Bilingual Collection of Songs in Time for Hispanic Heritage Month:

Tell your friends ~ download a free song now!  

"Laid back Latin grooves reminiscent of Manu Chao, but with lyrics kids can identify with. This charming bilingual album has something for everyone in the family. 
~  Sandra Velasquez, Moona Luna and Pistolera

“Mister G's colorful, bi-lingual, new album is a fiesta for your ears!  Our favorite around the house is 'Bailamos,' because who doesn't like to dance?!" 
~ Lucky and Alisha, Lucky Diaz and the Family Jam Band

Mister G, a Parents’ Choice Award winning artist whose last CD BUGS was called “irresistible” by People magazine, will present a new collection of original bilingual tunes, just in time for Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15). Chocolalala is his most multi-layered release yet, offering kids 11 new songs that are easy to sing along with in Spanish and English.Chocolalala will be available on September 15.

Inspired by Mister G’s concert tours throughout Latin America, the new album spans a wide range of musical styles from bossa nova to ska, funk to folk, rap to pop. With captivating Latin rhythms and melodies, the music appeals as much to parents as to children.  Catchy and educational, the songs teach about counting, colors and nature, and celebrate the joys of eating chocolate, dancing and riding on the school bus with friends. Guest artists include Rani Arbo, Mike Visceglia (Suzanne Vega’s bassist), Steve Gaboury (Cyndi Lauper’s keyboardist), and 11-year old trumpeter Trixie Willems (daughter of best-selling author Mo Willems).

Chocolalala was produced, engineered and mixed by Mister G (Ben Gundersheimer). The album features world-class musicians, the voices of bilingual families, and performances by Mister G's former elementary school students. In addition to writing and singing the songs, Mister G played acoustic and electric guitars, banjo, tres and percussion.
Early in 2012, Mister G toured for the second time in Mexico performing in schools and at public concerts. In February, Mister G was the only children's musician featured at the National Association of Bilingual Educators Conference in Dallas, TX.

Mister G is Ben Gundersheimer, a critically acclaimed singer/songwriter/producer with 10 ASCAP awards to his name, who spent 20 years as a rock frontman and solo artist before transitioning to making family music. The first student to garner a songwriting scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Ben toured internationally before going back to school to earn a masters degree in elementary education.

As a teaching artist, Mister G brings his innovative educational programs to schools, museums, theaters and performing arts centers. Mister G has appeared with Dan Zanes and other kindie stars including Lunch Money, Dog on Fleas, Brady Rymer and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.

Mister G's 2011 release, BUGS, included two bilingual songs, "Cocodrilo" and "Vamos a la Playa." The video for "Vamos a la Playa" aired on national television during Hispanic Heritage Month. BUGS was featured in People magazine and Parents magazines as one of the best children's CD's of 2011. The recording also won a Parents' Choice Award, as well as the NAPPA Rising Star Award, and was lauded bySchool Library Journal.
For updates on Mister G’s fall concerts, visit

September 8, 10:30 AM – Barefoot Books (mini concert preview), Concord, MA
September 8, 3:30 PM – Town of Coventry 300th Anniversary, Coventry, CT
September 16, 11 AM– National Zoo, Fiesta Musical, Washington, DC
September 28 – New England Reading Association Conference, Nashua, NH
October 6, 2:30 PM – Norwood Theatre, Norwood, MA
October 13, 1:00 PM – Clarketoberfest, Northampton, MA
October 20, 10:30 AM – Coolidge Corner Theatre, Boston, MA
October 28, 11 AM, The Academy of Music, Northampton, MA
November 15 to 29 - Mexico Tour
December 9, 11:00 AM – 92Y Tribeca, New York City

Friday, August 24, 2012

Win Free Tickets Here-Disney On Ice Treasure Trove #giveaway #ChiDisneyOnIce

Come ChiIL out with ChiIL Mama at one of the coolest shows on ice!    See a magical mash up of Disney favorites all in one place, for four nights only.   Enter at the bottom of this post for your shot at a FREE Family Four Pack of Tickets to opening night, September 13th.    It's easy to enter and winning rocks!

If you didn't make it to Dress Like A Pirate Day and score some of the tickets there, you have another chance.   ChiIL Mama's got 4 free tickets to see Treasure Trove on September 13th at 7pm at Allstate Arena.

How many characters can you identify?   Parents Vs. peeking ahead!!    

Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove

Allstate Arena: Sept. 13 - 16, 2012

Show Description:

Discover endless riches when Disney On Ice presents Treasure Trove comes to your hometown!  Disney On Ice sets the gold standard with its newest skating spectacular.  Get tangled up in Disney’s 50th animated feature with Rapunzel and Flynn and enter the worlds of your other favorite Disney princesses –Tiana, Cinderella, Jasmine, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Mulan and of course, the one who started it all, Snow White.  Ahoy, Mateys!  Set sail with Peter Pan, the always sassy Tinker Bell and the cantankerous Captain Hook & his pirate pals on an adventure beyond Never Land!  Trek the wilds of Africa with Simba, Nala, Pumbaa and Timon as they discover the true meaning of the ‘Circle of Life.’  Tick-Tock!  Tick-Tock!  Don’t be late to a very important date with Alice & the Mad Hatter as they march with the Queen of Hearts’ Army Of Cards.  Be sure to see this show full of memories guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Back in the day, I played Alice in Wonderland for two seasons in a children's theatre show called Legends Come To Life.    I miss my fuzzy 3 foot tea cup and funhouse mirror...but I'm still in touch with other actor friends I met through the production!    I've still got a soft spot for Alice and enjoy seeing others embody the character.

Ticket Prices:
Front Row –$70
VIP –$50
P1 – $25
P2 – $20
P3 - $13

Thursday - 7:00
Friday – 10:30, 7:00
Saturday – 11:30, 3:30, 7:00
Sunday - 11:30, 3:30, (7:00 Spanish)

SEPT. 13
SEPT. 14
SEPT. 15
SEPT. 16

10:30 AM
11:30 AM
11:30 AM

3:30 PM
3:30 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
7:00 PM
  • Doors Opening 1 hour prior to the show start
  • Box Office and Will Call window is located off Lunt Street on the North side of the Arena

ChiIL Mama/ ChiIL Live Shows will be there for the opening night performance and we'll have a photo filled review for you then.  We're also excited to offer one of our lucky readers 4 free tickets.   Enter right here for your chance to win! *Wait for Rafflecopter to load up right here (if you've gone through RSS feed or are scrolling down the blog and don't see it, click on the actual page title and it should pop right up).   Enter like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.   Winning rocks!   Entries accepted through midnight on 9/3/12.   Winner will be announced on the 4th.   *Apologies, we had to bump our earlier deadline up to midnight on the 3rd to allow enough time for ticket allocation.

Thanks to Feld for once again providing us with give away and review tickets.

a Rafflecopter giveaway