Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Final Night TONIGHT--Bat Honey-Ironwill Tate Adult Puppet Show #photos

We thoroughly enjoyed checking out the adult puppet show, Ironwill Tate, on Sunday night.  Bat Honey is from Missoula, Montana and they're just swingin' through Chi-town for 3 shows only, on their cross country tour.  Come on out and see 'em tonight.   We'll have HD show clips coming soon.

“Ironwill Tate” is a fantasy-filled puppet extravaganza for adults. The show features over 40 handmade puppets utilizing ancient and modern puppetry styles. In “Ironwill Tate” we follow a family on the last leg of their cross-country road-trip. At the wheel is Tate, the father and fanatical schedule keeper who decides what they will and will not stop for. Drunken zoo animals, dying wizards, and giant robots vie for the family’s attention, but Tate will stop at nothing to keep that pedal down. This main narrative is the springboard for a series of vignettes woven throughout. It gets strange, folks.
Bat Honey is comprised of Britt Juchem and Ariel Gregory. Britt and Ariel began their career as stop motion animators. Veteran Los Angeles model makers for film and television, they have been collaborating for over ten years.

*Show contains language and adult intellectual themes and content

Catch their final Chi-Town show TONIGHT on the north side at Portage ARTspace!

Ironwill Tate Plays Portage ARTspace
Sept 25, 2012 7:00 pm
Sept 25, 2012 8:00 pm
Sept 17, 2012
portage ARTspace
4837 W. Berenice Ave. ,Chicago, IL,60641 ,United States
Please come to portage ARTspace to see our road-trip odyssey Ironwill Tate.  The show starts at 7pm at portage ARTspace, 4837 W. Berenice Ave.  Chicago, IL 60641

This past weekend, Bat Honey performed at Southside Hub of Production, a cool, Hyde Park art gallery Saturday and Sunday night, where an eclectic audience brought pot luck food and wine to share.  Their 1910 space is full of gorgeous wood work and wabi sabi, salvaged furniture.  Check out their upcoming events here.  They're planning openings and events for artists' month in October, so check out their main site and calendar of events.

Check out our past Ironwill Tate coverage here.

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