Monday, September 17, 2012

Photos Riot Fest 2012 ChiIL Mama's Sunday Best #photofeature

Riot Fest 2012 Sunday Best

We have literally thousands of sweet shots from Riot Fest Friday through Sunday that we're editing through and will bring you soon with full recaps.   For now, here's a little taste of some of our favs from each day--working backwards.   Recognize some famous faces?   We'll be breaking it down by the band later this week.    We shot all the bands in bold.   See if you can match the faces and feet to the following:

The fest was a huge, raging success in the new Humboldt Park digs.   We love it's incarnation as a family friendly, carnival feast for the eyes and ears and hope it becomes an annual tradition.   The park was spacious, shady and ideal for the Riot Fest day shift.   Then the night shows and after parties at all the usual venues kept the fun going well into the morning hours.

We shot loads of pit photos but we also made a point to catch the colorful crowd and especially the punk kin and yute.   If we can walk together why can't we rock together, indeed.   This year with both The Descendants and The Offspring could we not shoot the actual descendants-offspring- progeny-spawn of the punk parents out there.   We know parents and kids rock and the littles are sometimes the purest punks--anarchy incarnate, live in the moment, endless energy....You get the picture.

We also made a point of shooting the fire spinners, burlesque performers, and circus punks like Environmental Encroachment, and UPPERkase stilt crew.    We even had another fest sighting of Shreddy Shirt Boy (AKA:  Mat with one T) and his twin brother, too!   They were rocking out on drums with an ape, on one of the fenced in mini stages skattered throughout the grounds.   We'll have video footage up soon.

It was like a big family reunion, 30,000 punks strong.   We ran into soooo many good friends.    These are truly our people.   It was great to relax and hear stellar music with some of our favorite friends.

Speaking of familiar faces....we saw Coco Loco for I think the 4th or 5th fest this season, and still couldn't resist their rockin' earrings.   We left with 2 more pairs!!   I've worn two of their pairs of spirals daily for years.   They're very comfortable, fun, and distinctive.   I still get a ton of comments and compliments on them.   Now Sagezilla has a few pairs of her own.   She has black wings, black S shaped earrings made of water buffalo horn, and black spirals inlaid with white triangles.   

Check back in with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often for more Riot Fest recaps in the coming weeks, including video and many more photos.   Follow ChiIL Live Shows by e-mail in the right side bar for free downloads, original band video interviews, LIVE show footage, pit photos, tour news, give aways, reviews, and the heads up on great music and theatre coming to town.   Follow ChiIL Mama by e-mail in the right side bar for all ages fun, alt punk parenting tips, loads of kindie music/book/toy reviews and more.   

We'll see you out there.

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  1. Hey!

    My name is Jeff. I was the "ape" drumming with Mat and Maxx. I would love to see that footage if you have it.

    Thank you!