Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hike & Rowboat Review And Give Away (Ginormous Holidaze Gift Guide)

If you're in the Midwest, heading into the deep freeze of winter, hiking and rowboats may be a distant dream.   But ChiIL Mama's here to introduce you to a fun NEW way to relate to these summer staples indoors or out.   This is one of our favorite GREEN GAMES this year.   Hike discourages littering and rewards planting trees and capturing worms.  

Moosetache Games is a funky, creative little start up from Berkeley, CA. that we met at ChiTAG this year.   They pitched their tent and were a popular R & R spot all weekend.   


We're so on board with their mission statement:

Our mission 
is to 
 spread joy.

We are driven by the idea that anyone any age
 can keep the spirit of play alive.
By developing games that are interactive and spark social connections, we hope to bring people together and infuse fun into each and every day!

They have 2 award winning card games, perfect for holiday gifting

7 and up:
Hike is the fun, new card game where nature springs surprises and players battle for survival! Get ready to go for a trek, get Lost on a Trail, ride out Avalanches, and always remember to watch out for…Poop.  No Littering Allowed!

  Get rid of your cards, outlast your opponents, and score points!
Ages 7 & Up
$10.95/ free shipping 


We were given a review copy of Hike and have been having a blast with it.    Game play is quick and easy to pick up, and the illustrations by Kiril Tchangov are colorful and fun.   I've been living with 2 young kids and multiple dogs for years, so I love that poop is counted in with specialty cards like avalanche, drought, and earthquake.    This game is creative, silly, fun with a great underlying message.

3-8 players can participate, making this an excellent option for family game nights, camp outs, and travel.   The cards won't get thrashed or lost in their durable, divided cardboard box.   Average game play is 30 minutes.   So go take a Hike....on your next outing.   You'll be glad you did.
Since our sister site features great travel destinations and products, we were especially jazzed to see Hike won Dr. Toy's best vacation products award!

13 and up:
Mind bending strategy! Mind boggling suspense!
Rowboat is the bidding, trick-taking card game where trump changes throughout the hand. It’s a beautifully designed ocean-themed game that offers constant excitement. The number of cards in play is always changing, making gameplay possibilities virtually endless. If you like Spades, you will love Rowboat!

Ages 13 & Up
$14.95/ free shipping

We were also given a review copy of Rowboat.   This one includes a timer and deck of cards and also comes in a thick cardboard box, to make it easier to keep it together.   2-4 players can be in on this one, and it's recommended for teens, although smart under 13's who are up to the challenge will be fine with it, too.   

We love the excellent art work by Sophie Kittridge.   Her mermaids, belugas, dolphins and aquatic themed cards are gorgeous.   You even get to use "Rowboat Lingo" during game play like capsized, walk the plank and knotted knobs.   We're also fans of the unique game play and the social element.   It's hard to get teens off the video games sometimes and Rowboat will have the players competing and conversing old school style.   

This one does have more of a learning curve and may be too frustrating for young players.   And you'll want to peruse the "Instruction Dock".   Still, it's a pretty easy game to pick up and explain to newbies and a fresh variation on the old standard card games.


We're big on strategy games that grow your brain and keep adults young and keep kids pushing the boundaries of their analytical skills.    Rowboat's so much fast paced fun, you won't realize it's good for you, too.

2011 Family Card Game of the Year Runner-Up
Games Magazine

ChiIL Mama recommends both Rowboat and Hike.  We also have 1 Hike Game to give away as part of ChiIL Mama's Ginormous Holidaze Gift Guide & Give Aways (nationwide/enter through midnight 12/17)

**Now we don't like to play favorites, especially during the holidays.   All of our readers are winners.   So, enter the secret code HOLIDAY in the promo area when you visit Moosetache Games to place an order, and you magically save 20%.   Woo hoo.**

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