Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gymnastics: STATE! (photo filled recap)

Big congrats to The Chicago Comets

We had our IPDGC State meet Sunday and the girls did great.    Sage placed 5th, and was excited about her trophy & 4 medals.   

Last year she was 1st in state & won 18 blue ribbons total, but she was in a higher, harder level this year.   She beat her own top scores in each event, so we're very proud of her hard work and dedication.


Of course, we try not to be too snarky and urban when we compete against all the suburban clubs.    They can't help it they're sub....urban.    They go in for matching team sweats...matching bags and often even matching hair accessories and matching decorated shoes, etc.   It's all a bit...precious.   Some parents even wear giant buttons with their gymnast's photos on them.   The trend that cracks us up the most, though, is the "relative t".    We shot a bunch of pixs of said shirts, to entertain ourselves during our 6 hour encampment at the meet.   

Now we've just gotta figure out why?!
  • You're afraid you'll forget who you are, since the meets are mind numbingly long
  • Michael's Crafts had a sale on puff paint and you didn't know what the heck else to do with it
  • There's nothing to do in the burbs so you have plenty of xtra time to embellish t-shirts
  • Your sullen teen is being punished for stealing the car and sneaking out, so you made her wear a mortifying "sister of..." shirt
  • You're afraid you'll bring home the wrong kid since they all match from head to toe

In all seriousness, these athletes work their little butts off, putting in long hours of practice, getting tears in their palms and even broken bones.   We have the utmost respect and admiration for all of you gymnasts.   Here's to strong, mighty, powerful, determined girls.   You rock! (even if your families wear cheesy t's).

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