Monday, January 10, 2011

Mellow Yellow Monday--Babies Rock!

No doubt about it.......babies rock!    As recently as 10 years ago, I went lookin' for black onsies and toddler t's with snarky, witty wording and rock bands, for my littles to wear on our family forays to outdoor music fests.    And they were few and far between.   I finally got all DIY and made a bunch with dark tee transfers, our printer and an iron.   That's the only kinda ironing I'll do.   No white dress shirts over here...

By the time Sagezilla was 2, I finally found some baby rock tees on line on Ebay and by Sourpuss.   She looked so cool sporting black 2T shirts for Bad Brains, The Dead Kennedys, Angry Samoans, The Ramones--Rock and Roll Preschool, Punk Wok, and A Grateful Dead tye dye.    

Now you see 'em everywhere.    On Sunday we were at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago to see the kids from School of Rock perform Queen and we ducked into their fun rock shop after the show.   My kids are long outta onsies, but I was still happy to see the long line of rockin' band baby gear.   What babe wouldn't be all mellow and yellow wearing a Grateful Dead steal your face skull with bright yellow lightening bolt, or Bob Marley, with the bright yellow, red and green of traditional Rasta garb!  

Even the bright yellow t's by The Cramps and GWAR, while far from mellow themselves, would have your littles sleeping soundly after rockin' out hard.

At ChiIL Mama, we know that many parents don't stop rockin' out once they start rockin' their offspring to sleep.    We'd like to give a shout out to two rockin' parent-kid duo's we saw at the Queen show.   In these two pixs are Windy City Rollers skater Mama, Mal, and her rock star daughter.    The Rollers opening bout of the season is this coming Saturday and rumor is The School of Rock is going to perform again.

We also saw Marlo, another rockin' parent with a rock star kid.   She's the owner of Psychobaby, another purveyor of rockin' baby wear and unique toys.   Her son made the cutest Freddy Mercury Jr., stash and all, as he sang and rocked the keyboards.   He's been playing with The School of Rock for a couple years now.

If you're a rockin' parent/ kid family who would like to be interviewed or featured in ChiIL Mama, e-mail us, and maybe we'll do a feature on YOU.

Check out the link below for more mellow yellow fun from around the world.



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