Friday, January 14, 2011

Lucky Friday The 14th Winners

"serious" musicians

ChiIL Mama's Family 4 Pack Winners

The Boogers at Schubas Saturday at 3:00pm--Nicole F. and her children Charlotte, Eli and Caleb.  They like to rock out together to Bon Jovi and They Might Be Giants.

Poochamungas at The Beat Kitchen Sunday at noon--Colleen G. and her son, Mack.   They're well rounded music lovers who like to play rock, pop, country, and folk.   

Human Tim + Robot Tim at Schubas Sunday at 3:00pm--Carolyn O., whose favorite music to play with her family is Little Miss Ann.

ChiIL Mama's Winners of A Pair of Tickets:

Purple Apple/The Blisters/When Flying Feels Like Falling at Schubas Wednesday at 7:00pm--David C.   Elizabeth Mitchell is a favorite musician that he listens to with his children, Jinjoo & Yuna.   

****Important winner information.....Your names will be on the respective guest lists at Schubas and The Beat Kitchen.   You will need to show an ID.   If you can not attend the show you've won tickets for, please be good people and let me know ASAP and we will choose another winner.   Congratulations to all of you and have a rockin' weekend.    Enjoy!  

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