Tuesday, January 25, 2011

ChiIL Live Shows Update and Call For Musicians

Peter DiStefano (Porno for Pyros guitarist)-Kidzapalooza 2010

We've been busy turning our lens on live shows, and our archive is GROWING.   We'll continue to give you footage and stills from a number of Chicago shows, here on the ChiIL Mama blog first.  We also cover many local, under the radar events, quirky stuff to do, and loads of CD and ticket give aways that are time sensitive.

Sooooo...We want to make it easy to search for JUST coverage on your favorite festivals, bands and live theatre, so we're doing a spin off that will archive live shows/ interviews only.   Check it out as we build back in time and forward at ChiIL Live Shows over the coming months.

A Mix Of Interviews, Live Concert Footage, and Stills Coming to ChiIL Live Shows Soon:   
  • Lollapalooza/ Kidzapalooza (videos & stills)-every Chicago year
  • North Coast Fest 2010
  • Riot Fest 2010--including Circle Jerks & Bad Religion
  • Pitchfork Music Fest 2009
  • Summer Camp Music Festival 2009--including Les Claypool & Buckethead

  • Clutch
  • Children of Bodom
  • Black Label Society
  • Dropkick Murphys
  • Naked Raygun
  • Rubblebucket
  • How Far To Austin (interview)
  • Punk Parents in (THE WEBSTIRSTHE NOSES, THIS MAGAZINE IS HAUNTED, COTTON PONY) including playwright, Bret Neveu (interview)
  • The Shams
  • Prichard
Chris Cornell (Soundgarden)-backstage at Lollapalooza 2010

Kindie Music and Kids Punk Rock:
  • Keller Williams (interview, footage, stills)
  • Dan Zanes (footage, stills)
  • The Verve Pipe (interview, footage, stills)
  • Recess Monkey (interview, footage, stills)
  • Tim & The Space Cadets (interview, footage, stills)
  • Rocknocerous (footage, stills)
  • Candy Band (interview, footage, stills)
  • Boogers (interview, footage, stills)
  • Human Tim + Robot Tim (interview, footage, stills)
  • Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies (interview, footage, stills)
  • The Okee Dokee Brothers (footage, stills)
  • The Poochamungas (interview, footage, stills)
Future Shoots:
  • Little Miss Ann
  • Super Stolie
  • Laura Doherty
Bands With Musicians Under 18:
  • Purple Apple
  • The Blisters
  • When Flying Feels Like Falling
(We review loads of live theatre for adults and kids, but most provide their own press pixs.   Every once in a while, we get to take our own shots, and those photos will be archived here, too.)
  • Redmoon Theatre
  • Lookingglass Theatre
**We're also on the lookout for musicians who are parents (playing 21+ shows) who'd like to be interviewed and featured.   We're looking for kids punk, alternative, and indie (kindie) bands.   We also cover bands playing family friendly fests and dual audience tours (kid show by day/adult at night) that would like to be featured.    

We run weekly ticket and CD give aways, review CDs and shows, and can possibly shoot stills, video and interviews if you are playing in the Chicago area.   You can reach us at zbluesun@gmail.com.

chiIL Mama
because life doesn't end with birth.........

Perry Farrell and his kids with Sagezilla-Kidzapalooza 2010

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