Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ABC Wednesday--B is for......

Broken ankle??!!   Fingers crossed this gymnastics injury is just a sprain.   Spent the morning at the pediatrician, mid day at Children's hospital getting x-rays, and now we're heading back to the doc to see if the photos have arrived yet, to be read.   At least we made it 7 months x-ray free.

Ahhhh.......the downside of high impact sports.

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  1. So sorry to hear of this accident. Hopefull it will turn out OK. Sure a lot of signatures already.

  2. PAIN! Good luck.

    On behalf of the ABC Wednesday team, welcome, and thanks for participating! - ROG

  3. Ouch! Fingers crossed it's just a sprain. But then, a cast full of signatures and doodles does look pretty good.

  4. Good news.....just a sprain this time. The cast above was a broken ankle last May--also from gymnastics practice--requiring a month in a cast and a good work out for Mama, who piggy backed her up and down a LOT of stairs. We have snow in Chicago that could come down through April and I was absolutely dreading another bout with a cast n crutches in the slush and cold. So Whew. Looks like B is actually for Breathing a Beautiful sigh of relief!