Monday, January 31, 2011

Clutch at Congress Theater in November

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Clutch is one of our favorite bands, and it was truly a pleasure to shoot their Congress appearance in November, when they opened for Black Label Society and Children of Bodom.    Check out the shots here and archived on ChiIL Live Shows.   Even better, go see them live.    They'll be back at Congress Theater again in a few short weeks and we'll be covering their show again.   This time they'll open for Motorhead.   Valient Thorr is also on the bill.

February 19th-Motorhead/Clutch/Valient Thorr (all ages)-Congress Theatre-7:00pm

We've seen Clutch play for years and in such diverse venues as Metro, Logan Auditorium, Cubby Bear, and even outdoors at Summer Camp Music Festival.   Last summer in Sweden we even thought we saw Neil Fallon's likeness in a stained glass window in Uppsala.   Check it out HERE and see what you think.   Maybe it's just his signature beard...but there's an uncanny resemblance.

Neil Fallon's growling vocals and insightful lyrics always make for a memorable live show.   Word is, the band bought out their prior label and are re-releasing on their own.    So let's show them some love.    Check out their web site for ticket info, merch and downloads at

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