Saturday, October 12, 2013

WIN a $50 Target Giftcard From Flatout & StarKist Tuna Launching in Super Targets #FlatoutStarKist #giveaway #FoodieFun #ad

It's a fish... it's a Foldit... It's Super Target!

It's all of the above and a $50 gift card through 10/25 too!   You'll hit the bullseye with great, low cal, tasty meals with Flatout Flatbread and StarKist Tuna.   We've been spreading the word on FB and Twitter since September 23rd, but there's still time to get to Super Target and stock up through Oct 14th!  

Disclosure:   Thanks to Target, Flatout & StarKist for providing this giveaway.   I was compensated with product and/or payment in exchange for spreading the word.   All opinions are my own.

Buy Flatout/Get StarKist Tuna FREE:
When you buy Flatout at Super Target, you get a FREE pouch of StarKist tuna through this Monday 10/14!   Flatout Bread freezes well so stock up.   We’ve been thinking of it as hitting the mealtime bullseye—great ingredients, great taste, great value!   Check out StarKist Tuna in the canned fruit aisle and Flatout in the bakery section at Super Targets.   From now until October 14, when you buy Flatout Flatbread at your local Super Target you will get a free pouch of StarKist tuna (all just 110 calories or less)!

Win It:
ChiIL out with ChiIL Mama and enter to WIN a $50 Target Gift Card through 10/25.   Click the Rafflecopter link below to enter.   Open to anyone in the US.

** a Rafflecopter giveaway **

Are you crazy about bread like I am?   Get the fat out with Flatout.  Even though I'm walking at my treadmill desk daily, exercise is only one component to healthy weight loss.   And when I've walked for hours and barely burned off a bagel and cream cheese, I know that low-cal meals make a huge difference in reaching my ideal weight and keeping my kids fit and healthy.   One of my favorite lunches is avocado/sharp cheddar on a Foldit.  

Tuna wraps and tuna melts are awesome too! I've been mixing tuna with low-cal mayo, horseradish, or just garlic olive oil instead.   Tasty add ons are apples, grapes, nuts, and even ghirdenera for a spicy kick.   Here at ChiIL Mama we LOVE the new individual tuna serving packets.   They're super easy, have a long shelf life and don't need to be refrigerated till opened.   They make for a great, low-cal, healthy lunch on the go.

Halloween Fun:

So far we've done funky tuna spiders made from Foldits with grapes mixed in, grapes for eyes and baby carrot arms.   And we made PB & J spiders with blueberry eyes and pretzel arms.

 We've also shaped Flatout pizzas into ghosts & witch hats.  Even my tweens aren't too old or mature for fun shaped food!

Next we may try these fun witch hat appetizers.

I've tried making sandwiches on bread substitutes that taste and feel like styrofoam packing peanuts and I just can't do it.   But Flatout Bread rocks!   It's tasty for pizzas, wraps and fun little fold its.   And the calorie savings are huge.

I have two tweens at home who pack lunch for school every day.   They are also always on the go and always hungry.   So we're constantly on the lookout for healthy and easy snacks, lunches and dinners they can make on their own or with minimal help.   Flatout's been a huge hit for pizzas, sandwiches, tuna tacos and even for dunking in hummus for an after school pick me up.

As a mom, I dig Flatout Flatbread, because it's high in fiber, low in fat (since Moms end up eating the kids' leftovers... you know what I'm talking about)   Though they're so delicious there haven't been too many leftovers.

Click here for loads of tasty Flatout Flatbread Recipes.
  •  “Kitchen Sink” flatbread when you mix leftover veggies with tuna and a little cheese
  •  “Monday Melt” dinner when you make a tuna melt after a long weekend  
  • “Tasty Tuna Tacos” when you make mini wraps with avocado and salsa

Disclosure:   Thanks again to Target, Flatout & StarKist for providing this giveaway.  I was compensated with  product and/or payment in exchange for spreading the word.   All opinions are my own.


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