Saturday, October 19, 2013

HELP OUT: Fortune Girls Kickstarter #fortunegirls

I'm the mom of a rockin' 10 year old, myself, so I'm always on the lookout for cool, empowering, age appropriate sites and activities where she can shine.   Fortune Girls is a brand new concept, and still at the kickstarter funding level, so we'll have to see how they evolve before we can do a full review.   But we like their style and think the concept is great.   Check 'em out & kick in a little something to help them get off the ground.  We want to continue to gain national awareness in the tween girl empowerment movement.   Check out all the details on their Kickstarter campaign right here.

Fortune Girls is all about big girl power! SO JOIN US NOW! If you dream big you get big things done! We are focused on empowering girls to let them know and believe that they can do anything! DREAM BIG!! Really BIG! We want young girls to know that there is no one like them because they are each special and unique in their own way. Fortune Girls was created by a tween and her mom, and it was a journey of development! We want to invite and empower tween girls to join us on this exciting journey and invite all their friends.

They have loads of fun goodies for contributors at every level.

Fortune Girls is a movement! We want you to be a part of it - empowering tween girls every day! Please visit us at for more information. 

What Fortune Girls is all about

Always Say You're Sorry

I Miss You

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Twitter - @fortunegirls

Every celebrity at the Teen Choice Awards went home with a super cute Fortune Girls Teen Choice Awards one-gallon canister!! The gallon was chock full of FG goodies including a $25 gift card.   Check out their Kickstarter to see what goodies you'll be sent at each donation level.

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