Tuesday, October 1, 2013

FOODIE TUESDAY: REVIEW New Girl Scout Cookie Creamers by Coffee-mate #ad #OriginalVideo

“Scout The Girl Scout” 

Disclosure:  Thanks to Coffee-mate for sending us creamers for review purposes.

To celebrate the new partnership between Girl Scouts and Coffee-mate, the iconic creamer company launched a nationwide casting call titled “Scout The Girl Scout,” to discover an authentic Girl Scout to star in an upcoming Coffee-mate commercial.  They received a slew of great submissions, including my daughter's.  Don't worry--no votes, clicks, likes or jumping through hoops required!   Woo hoo.   Just watch it if you want to, cause it's cute and fun.   No pressure.

My own 10 year old, Sage, is beginning her 4th year as a Girl Scout, and she was one of the hopefuls who auditioned.   Check it out above and/or Click here to check out her entry on the site.   She's second line center on the second page.   I'm sure everyone thinks their kid is one in a million, but in this case, Sage was one of 300+.    Click here for more “sweet” casting call videos.  They also ran Los Angeles and New York castings in person.   They should be announcing the winner any time now.

Sage didn't get a call back, but we did get some tasty, full sized samples in the mail.  Coffee-mate won Brownie Points in my book by choosing my very fav flavors for the roll out.  At this point they have Thin Mint and Caramel & Coconut (Samoa flavor).   Get your cookie flavor fix now, year round!

Thin Mint is my ultra favorite, but C & C is a close second.   If you're a huge coffee fiend like me, check 'em out!   It was a great pleasure to meet their PR peeps at BlogHer13, where they were giving out tiny tastes, and then to have the chance to review a couple full sized bottles.   The easy open, flip tops rock, and the tapered spout makes it easy to hit the mark even when your mornings are "mom hectic".   These creamers make for a tasty treat, without all the guilt (and calories) of scarfing a whole sleeve of thin mints.   


Disclosure:  Once again, thanks to Coffee-mate for sending us creamers for review purposes.

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