Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Congrats on #1 In Bars & Vault #gymnastics

Big congrats, Supersonic Sage and Chicago Comets!

If you follow us on twitter & Facebook, you've already seen our good news from Sunday.   If not, indulge me in a proud mom moment.   My 10 yo. rocked her gymnastics meet at Peterson Park placing first in bars & vault and 3rd all around.   We have 2 more meets to go--Fox Valley & the city again and then off to state!

I've seen all the blood, sweat and tears that go into competitive gymnastics.   Sage trains with her team 12 hours... 4 days a week.   And these girls and their coach are dedicated!   Saturday, they were having a practice meet and Sage's hands slipped and she smashed into the bars chin first.  At this meet she had a big, purple bruise under her chin.   In pre-meet warm ups a rip in her palm (think stigmata for gymnasts--a raw spot from bars) ripped open and started bleeding.   And this little athlete winced a bit, taped her hand and went on to take first!

I'm soooo proud of you, Sage.  You're brave, mighty, strong and dedicated.   We began gymnastics with a moms n tots class, when our 12 yo. son was 18 months old, because it was at the end of the block and something active for the winter months.   They both loved it from day 1, and it's become my daughter's passion, along with circus arts.   

We're NOT pushy, arm chair coach parents, and were always quick to tell her, just do your best... no pressure.   It's all good.   We're proud of you no matter how you score.   Do it because it's a great work out, you make good friends, and you love it, regardless of whether you place.   She's the one who said, "This is my thing.  If I do this, I'm gonna win it!"

And last Sunday, she did indeed.


  1. Yay! Congrats to Sage! Thanks to you Bonnie and your advice I was able to get my daughter in at the park and my daughter loves it and Coach K.