Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pre-Halloween 2013 #Halloween #PumpkinCarving

It's raining and we're still in the midst of jerry-rigging a narwhal for the boy out of a huge dog toy lizard tail, a knit skull cap, thread, wire, hot glue & a grey thrift dress.   Aaaaand we've got to find yellow grease paint for Miss Sage's Pansage face.   We've got the green makeup, & her costume's complete, so we're more than half way there.

Gotta catch 'em all... Pansage/Sage

Oh yeah, we're all going as the walking wounded too.   Sage landed full force on her right knee out of a flip in team practice and has been on crutches all week.   Fun fun... trick or treating with crutches in a downpour.   Dug's back got twingey this morning, cleaning up pumpkin guts & cardboard.   My left knee has been swollen & painful for some unknown reason, and Dugan fell and wrenched his left shoulder.   Oh joy.

At least our pumpkins look pretty sweet!
And as you can see, we had a fun family time carving 'em up.   We love the creativity Halloween inspires and we're all about DIY.   

The kids are big fans of Disney's animated series, Gravity Falls, so the last 2 years they've carved watermelons (ala Summerween from the show) in addition to pumpkins.   This year Sagezilla (who can be very Mabel at times) made hers a "puking pumpkin" with excellent use of the watermelon guts.   


I've carved a zillion pumpkins over the years and even won a contest as a kid, with my Christmas caroler pumpkin (complete with ear muffs!)   This year I made a first attempt at skinning the veggie and designing with the inner layer.   Here's my creation.  Go Blackhawks!   

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