Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies -Devil Town & The Trucker Song, LIVE Concert Videos

Halloween has come and gone, and our sleepy, sugar filled punk kin are back in school, with remnants of multicolored hair, but makeup free faces.   Today, we still have some tech or treat fun for you and more fabulous, live music from Mr. Singer and The Sharp Cookies' Halloween Show at Beat Kitchen.

Devil Town-Beat Kitchen Concerts for Kids-Mr. Singer & The Sharp Cookies

Here's our final treat from Mr. Singer's Halloween extravaganza--a brand new, never before heard Truck Driver Song.   We dig it!   

When the intro first started, I thought they were going to launch into Bauhaus' Bella Lugosi's Dead.   But then they veered off in another direction entirely, with a rockin' new creation.    There's something a bit B52's about the trucking song, and it's entirely danceable and fun.   Rumor is, they may be adding keyboards and fine tuning it, and we can't wait to hear it evolve.  

Dia De Los Muertos is here through Nov. 2, so we'll still be rockin' the seasonal theme here at ChiIL Mama.    If you have a chance, check out The National Museum of Mexican Art in Pilsen.    Their Dia De Los Muertos exhibit & sugar skulls will be up through December 10th.

Our artist friend, Diana, has also decked out Bleeding Heart Bakery for the season.

If every day is Halloween for you...and you still wanna rock the "Nightmare Before Christmas" lifestyle, local artist, Tasha, carries these fun skull & Chewbacca ski masks!    Drop us an e-mail here at ChiIL Mama if you want to get in touch.

We also have the creepy baby info, for all you attachment parenting, baby wearin' guys and ghouls out there.   You can find these little lovelies at Black-Cat Babies by Kathy Kemppi.


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