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KINDIE LAND: David Tobocman's Escalator CD #review

Move It On Up Now with David Tobocman’s new release,
David Tobocman's Escalator


Smart Songwriting and Thoughtful Lyrics Inspired by Family Life. New Release September 28, 2012

What People Are Saying about David Tobocman's Music:

“...taps into a child's mind with insight and grace” ~

"Appealing and clever. Sweetly offbeat." ~ You Know, for Kids

"Tuneful melodies and sweet, memorable songs" ~ Singin' in the Bathtub

"Hilarious and playful, Tobocman's songwriting resounds with life truths in a way that little ears and parents will understand and enjoy" ~ Muse Reviews

"Totally appealing" ~ Zooglobble

"Positively easy on the ears" ~ Hear It Love It Share It
Songwriter David Tobocman’s third album for children is a celebration, a rousing set of high-energy songs about the excitement of growing up. Rocking and straightforward with an emphasis on movement, Escalator is infused with a “let’s go” spirit and true sense of fun.

There’s a song about a young race car that dreams of hitting the open road and one about a family camper that can travel through space. All through Escalator, David presents the theme of striving and advancing, urging kids onto life’s great adventure, to “move on up” with optimism and spirit up the great big escalator and “if you’re going down, then use the stairs.”
David Tobocman's EscalatorAlways witty and engaging, David’s playful songs for children show the craft that he’s developed as a career songwriter and composer. When not recording and performing for kids, David writes scores for indie films and TV shows (he is currently penning songs for the Nickelodeon animated series, Robot and Monster).

After years working behind the scenes, the birth of two daughters inspired his first album for children, the stylistically diverse I Count to Ten and other Very Helpful Songs, which gained critical acclaim and fan interest off of the deeply affecting ballad, “Home” and its accompanying video. His 2010 album Lemonade School also gained national attention.

The characters that populate David’s songs are intelligent kids who are not afraid to be different. “Kids are smart,” says the songwriter. “I just try to meet them at their level.”

When he's not performing major concerts around Los Angeles (he and his band played the prestigious Getty Garden Series and Topanga's Theatricum Botanicum in August), this musical father of two hones his craft with free monthly family sing-alongs at various venues.

Escalator ($12.98 CD/$9.99 digital). For David Tobocman's bio and 2012 concert schedule, visit
by David Tobocman
Available on CD September 28, 2012
Suggested retail price: $12.
Distributed by Clamorhouse Kids

Track Listing
1. Escalator  2:13
2. Custom Family Spaceship 2:55
3. Born to Rock 3:08
4. Gonna Be a Garbage Man 2:26
5. The Owie Song 2:30
6. Playin' on a Sunday 3:36
7. Run Run, Race Car 3:21
8. Zoe's Intro  :19
9. Peace Sign 2:27
10. America's Our Country 3:21
11. Big Train 3:06

David Tobocman and daughter

Making records for children in the Tobocman household is a family affair. The two Tobocman daughters sing and provide dialog throughout Escalator while the eldest has co-written songs on all three albums. With the arrival of his first CD in 2008, David and his enterprising wife, KC Mancebo created Clamorhouse Kids, a children’s music label dedicated to providing independents with distribution and promotion, a label that KC now runs. This umbrella group allows like-minded independent kids’ musicians to band together as a collective to gain entry into the established network of distributors.

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