Friday, October 26, 2012

ACT OUT: 500 Clown Halloween & Beyond Special Expiring Saturday Night

Some of our all time favorites are performing for Halloween and beyond.   For a hilarious, high caliber Halloween night out for parents, we HIGHLY recommend 500 Clown Frankenstein/ Mucca Pazza and Honey Buns the 26th-28th!   Check out our prior Mucca Pazza coverage by clicking here.

We saw Honeybuns at Collaboraction a few months back and couldn't stop laughing.   His physical comedy and mental mind games  are unlike anything I've ever seen, and I see a LOT of theatre!   He messed with everyone in the audience and even ended up leading the audience out of the theatre and onto the street, like some crazed pied piper.   His raunchy, irreverent show was beyond hilarious.   Adults only.

500 Clown Frankenstein is appropriate & enjoyable for tweens and up.

$32 gets you 4 great Hours of

The Special Offer expires this Saturday night
photo Michelle Kaffko
Dean Evans, Jay Torrence, Pam Chermansky, Adrian Danzig, Leah Urzendowski
photo Michelle Kaffko
Dean Evans, Jay Torrence, Pam Chermansky, Adrian Danzig, Leah Urzendowski

Here's the deal. Buy one $32 ticket and see 500 Clown Frankenstein at The Viaduct at 7:30 PM next Wednesday night.
Then Bike (or drive if that's more fun for you) to The Double Door - a distance of 2.4 miles
To see Mucca Pazza, and before them The J Davis Trio!

Our Trailer with Their Music

Special Feature
500 Clown Web Journey
3111 North Western Avenue Chicago, IL 60618 

Honey BUNS!!!!!!!!!!!

Dean Evans of 500 Clown Frankenstein is also performing as:

Honeybuns, "The World's Greatest Mime." He opens Collaboraction's season with a revamped show that will simultaneously delight, disgust, and defy all attempts at description.

Honeybuns is at the Flat Iron Arts Building, 1579 N. Milwaukee Ave in Wicker Park.

LAST THREE SHOWS: October 26, 27, and 28 at 8pm

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