Monday, October 22, 2012

KINDIE LAND: FREE Downloads for HALLOWEEN & Escalator CD Review #kindie #freedownloads #review

*ChiIL Mama's son, Du-Jay (11) at Ohio Renaissance Festival.

Howlin' for some great, new Kindie tunes to rock your October?!

We've got two free musical treats for you for Halloween.   

Check out Kindie Artist David Tobocman's "Spooky Stuff".

David is offering a FREE Halloween song download, "Spooky Stuff," which he co-wrote with his 1st grade daughter, Zoe (she performs with him here, too!).   

Co-written and sung with his 1st grade daughter, Zoe, here's a David Tobocman song to calm the jitters when things go "bump." FREE download for the month of October!

Bah Humbug Halloween
© Copyright - John T. Joyce / Train Rolls On Productions (700261980706)

Bah Humbug Halloween brings a new story to an old familiar character as the Poochamungas groove their way thru this new Halloween Classic. You'll be dancing faster than you can say trick or treat!
Genre: Kids/Family: Kid Friendly
Release Date: 2012

ChiIL Mama's Kindie Land CD Reviews & Escalator Discount Link:
More trick.

ChiIL Mama has special pricing for David Tobocman's brand new "Escalator" CD.  Click this link to purchase the CD for just $8, which is 33 percent off of the suggested retail price!

Uplifting Escalator elevates kids' rock to new heights

ChiIL Mama had a chance to check out David Tobocman's latest kindie CD, the impressive Escalator.  This CD manages to be funny, educational, and musically compelling.   These 11 tunes will have your whole family grinning from ear to ear and jonesin' for a road trip.   Tobocman has a down home folk feel on tunes like America's Our Country and Peace Sign.   All your Little Folk and Hippy Kids will dig it.

We particularly enjoyed the creative lyrics and catchy melody on Custom Family Spaceship.   We also love The Owie Song.   Scrapes and bruises are a frequent part of any active childhood, so how cool is it that these little bumps in the road have their own super catchy song to ease the pain?!   Escalator is fast moving fun from top to bottom.   There's really not a weak link in the bunch.   

Of course we especially dig that David Tobocman's a dad, and includes his daughter, Zoe, on the CD.   Here at ChiIL Mama, we've been doing a long form video series on How Creatives Parent and How Parents Create and we love to see where those two worlds collide.   Escalator is a great example of kid collaboration and influence.   Check it out!

Here are a few things folks are saying about David’s music:

“He taps into a child's mind with insight and grace” --  Jeff Bogle,

"Appealing and clever. Sweetly offbeat." -- Myles McDonnell, You Know, for Kids blog

"Tuneful melodies and sweet, memorable songs" -- Nick Deysher, Singin' in the bathtub blog

"Hilarious and playful, Tobocman's songwriting resounds with life truths in a way that little ears and parents will understand and enjoy" -- Meg Wilson, Muses of Megret blog

"Totally appealing" -- Stefan Shepard, Zooglobble blog

"Positively easy on the ears" -- Stephanie Mondrat, Hear It Love It Share It blog

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