Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Yay Matty K! Halloween Fun Hardware Store Style #photorecap

FREE Pumpkin Painting, Mask Making & Treats Sunday 10/28 at Matty K's in Lincoln Square, Chicago

We adore big city living.   Raising kids in the heart of Chicago gives us so many great cultural and multicultural opportunities.  However, sometimes families in the burbs or small towns just see the crime, grime, and cold impersonality of sharing a home town with millions of people.   That's just not always the case.   Chicago is a giant city of neighborhoods, family friendly fun, and good old fashioned family businesses.   

Buh bye summer time.   Hello fall!   Where grill sales meet free pumpkin painting...Matty K's.

Here at ChiIL Mama we're all about buying locally whenever possible, keeping our neighborhoods thriving, and supporting family run enterprises and entrepreneurs.   One of our favorites is Matty K's Hardware.    They're theatre peeps with an adorable toddler daughter and a welcoming store. They run rockin' free arts events for kids and cool workshops like home brewing for the big kids (AKA:  adults).   They always put out a snack spread.

Salty sweet....salty sweet...and a BIG urn of coffee.   My new BFFs.

Matty K's is stocked on green living goodies, unique gifts, hardware and gardening staples, seasonal items, and Soda Stream supplies.   They're
knowledgable and helpful.  If you're anywhere near Lincoln Square, check em out!    Follow them on Facebook here for updates on what's up.

I've heard of separated twins doing the same stuff....but my kids--two years apart and sitting back to back, started their pumpkin painting in exactly the same unconventional way!!   Neither of them saw the other and they were both totally surprised.

Have a creative, fun and safe Halloween!    

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