Saturday, June 30, 2012

Behind The Scenes at Cirque du Soleil's Dralion #behind the scenes photos

ChiIL Mama/ChiIL Live Shows original behind the scenes shots-Dralion, Chicago 2012.  Double click on the slide show to go to SmugMug and browse through the photos at your own rate.

Hurry and book your tickets today.   Dralion is only in Chicago at The United Center through July 1!   Click here for tickets and more.

ChiIL Mama/ChiIL Live Shows was thrilled to be invited to rehearsal and a private behind the scenes tour.  The care, creativity, talent, and attention to the smallest detail that makes Cirque du Soleil shows so stunning was even more apparent up close.   The grace, pageantry, live music, handmade costumes, stunningly original acts, and gorgeous set design are unrivaled.   

The clowns are a nod to good old fashioned physical comedy and Vaudeville Acts from days of old.   The aerials and acrobatics are a sophisticated, artistic, melding of not only Eastern and Western cultures but of traditional, ancient circus arts and modern twists.   If you're looking for death defying hype like motorcycles in a metal globe, head for Navy Pier and check out Cirque Shanghai.   If you have an appreciation for the finer things in life, the intricate beauty of Cirque du Soleil is well worth the price.

We've loved their shows for years and were happy to cover Ovo, shoot video interviews with the performers, and offer our readers tickets for Quidam and Dralion.  Check back in early and often.   *We have another original Dralion cast interview with Amanda Orozco, Goddess of the Air right here.  

If you missed our prior video interviews with acro-dance juggler extraordinaire, Vladik, and Dralion PR maven, Vanessa, click here.   We cover a LOT of circus arts and Cirque du Soleil has never failed to astonish us.    

ChiIL Mama's Favorite Dralion 2012 Fun Facts:

Back stage there's a trampoline, weights, a full gym, Spanish web, and outdoor sports gear for fun and fitness.  A number of the performers run together and  book races ranging from 5k's to triathlons that coincide with their show dates in a given town.   While in Chicago, various Dralion performers and crew ran in both a half marathon and a 5k the weekend of June 23rd/24th!!  

The globes are made of wood and hand painted in house

The silks for the bamboo pole act are hand painted, as are the costume fabric patterns which are unique to Dralion

New hats are traded out anywhere from approx. every 3 months for the hoop divers who are hard on their head pieces, to closer to once a year for others.   These fabulous headpieces were brand new when we got a sneak peek at the impressive wardrobe area.

Make some lasting family memories with this multicultural feast for the senses.  Hurry and book your tickets today.   Dralion is only in Chicago at The United Center through July 1!   Click here for tickets and more.

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