Friday, August 12, 2011

Sunday Rocked At Lollapalooza/Kidzapalooza 2011 #lolla, #kidza, #kidza11

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As sad as it is to know Sunday marks the end of Lolla Land for another year, we always look forward to it, too.   

Our day began at 8am with the VIR Event at The James Hotel.   ChiIL Mama will have the whole show posted in the near future.   We also had the great opportunity to interview Ralph Covert of Ralph's World and our friend, Tor, who joined in on the interview fun, too.   We also interviewed an impressive percentage of the Happiness Club.    As soon as we finish the editing process we'll have some serious treats for you.   So check back in with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.

Sundays on the kids stage always rock!    This year was no exception.   We were thrilled to see one of our absolute favs, Keller Williams, play his own set then stay to sit in with Peter DiStefano, Tor Hyams and the School of Rock All Stars.    Wow!!    Perry Farrell always makes an appearance, to play a couple of his tunes, too.   We were treated to Peter playing with Lance Armstrong, as well, who invited a bunch of the kidza kids to join them on stage.    Then Ralph rocked the grand finale by coming down off the stage to play among the kids in the grass.    Sagezilla was elated to see Ralph's punk n rock roots were showing as she recognized riffs from 7 Nation Army and Rebel Rebel.   Fun times!

We stuck it out through the end of Cage The Elephant's set under a serious deluge.   Even in rain ponchos and under the tree line, we were all pretty soggy.   I wish I had a water proof camera as we laughed at hundreds of people jumping a giant puddle in the downpour.   What's the point people?    You can't possibly get any wetter!    There were about 20 pairs of feet next to us under a patchwork collection of tarps.    At one point a pair of eyes surfaced for a few minutes and said, "I wish I was still a little kid like yours.   They're the only ones smiling and laughing right now."    Sure enough.   Du-Jay and Sagezilla were having the time of their lives, even going out into the pelting rain to jump IN the giant puddle the muddy hipsters were still all jumping over.

All in all, despite the rainy finish, it was another fantastic year.    We can't wait to do it all again next August.    We'll still be recapping and posting interviews for the next few weeks.     Then there's Northcoast Music Fest looming on the horizon and Riot Fest this fall.   We have loads of photos of both from last year and will have new band interviews, photo filled features, and breaking info to come.

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