Monday, August 22, 2011

Raging Waves Water Park-Photo Filled Fun

Summer's not gone yet and you can still rage weekends at Raging Waves Water Park through Labor Day.   We spent the day there yesterday with another family and had a blast!   The 5 kids ranged from pre-schoolers to 5th graders and all found plenty to keep them happily amused.    

Sagezilla was elated to discover she'd grown to the magic 48" over this summer and was now big enough to ride anything she was brave enough to attempt.   Many of the bigger slides are fine for kids 42" to 48" with an adult.   All but the very smallest kid rocked The Three Sisters raft slides repeatedly, and the Crocodile Mile family raft slide where 4 or 5 can fit in a round tube together.   

We were all happy to discover that most of the body slides end in a long, flat, 0 depth extension of the slides and most of the ones that end in a pool are raft slides.    At other parks, the kids have loved the slides, but hated the plunge at the end that submerged them.   Sagezilla did a water slide last year in the Dells, and was unable to touch in the pool depth.   She got stuck in a scary undercurrent, requiring adult assistance.   So she was understandably apprehensive about the bigger slides, till she saw the kinder, gentler landing.

Everyone enjoyed the Great Barrier Reef Wave Pool, Kookaburra Kreek Lazy River Tubes and the kids area.    Even the older kids found the Kangaroo Falls slides big fun in the littles area.    The adults were impressed with the cleanliness of the park.   The kids were excited to find funnel cakes with a range of topping like powdered sugar, cinnamon sugar, apples, strawberries and whipped cream.

Even though the lot was full, the park is spacious enough that it didn't feel crowded and rafts were plentiful and lines were reasonably short or nonexistant on all but the biggest slides.    Our friends recently spent a day at the water park at Great America and said they had hefty waits to go on everything and even had to wait in line for tubes for their lazy river.   Sure Yorkville is a bit of a hike from Chi-town, clocking in at an hour and 20 minutes from the northside.    But it's well worth the drive for a day of fast sliding, cool water fun.    ChiIL Mama highly recommends Raging Waves for a sweet way to make an end of summer splash.

Check out our original pre-opening day coverage HERE for more photo filled fun all the details about pricing, hours, etc.

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