Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Exclusive Video--ChiILin' With Tropicana's OJ Express At Lincoln Park Zoo!

ChiIL Mama checks out the OJ Express & catches the kids cooking healthy Orange French Toast with registered dietician, Dawn Jackson Blatner, in this original video. It was also fun to see MC Miss Lori both on and off the Tropicana stage, and see Sagezilla and Du-Jay cooking and playing games with her two daughters and their friend. Her younger 2 kids are also 8 & 10 like mine. We had a great time catching up with another 10 year old friend, and his blogging Tiramisu Mom.

ChiIL Mama, Dug and the kids caught tasty OJ Toast making, fun and games on video yesterday morning.   There's one more chance to catch Tropicana's OJ Express today at Union Station.    

Click HERE for the schedule and ChiIL Mama's still photo fun.

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