Thursday, August 11, 2011

Illinois Farm Families at Daley Plaza Today 7-2

If you're like most urban parents I know, you try to feed your kids fresh, healthy food as much as possible.   You read up on potential toxic chemicals, agricultural practices and food additive health risks.   And you also read about the health benefits of eating well, so your kids can grow strong minds and bodies.

I recently had the chance to meet with California Strawberry Producers and Illinois Farm Families, and we'll be featuring lots of great info on health benefits, farming practices, recipes and more this month.    We'll even be giving away a strawberry recipe book.

We have also tried to make sure our city kids have a good sense of where food comes from.    We've picked strawberries in Wisconsin, harvested eggs and fed chickens in Michigan, and milked cows.   

Right now, Illinois Farm Families are looking for 5 urban field moms who want to tour farms throughout the year, video tape, question farm families and blog about their rural experiences.

Talk with them in person at the farmer's market at Daley Plaza today 7am-2pm and next Thursday as well, or check out their web site for more information and the application at Watch Us Grow.    If you're interested in farm related events in the area, join their meet up group.

Video cameras and transportation will be provided to the field moms selected.  

Beginning this fall, Illinois Farm Families will bring a group of city moms out to meet our families and tour our farms.  
We’re opening our doors to give these Field Moms a behind-the-scenes look at how we:
  • Grow your food
  • Care for our animals
  • Protect the land
Field Moms will see firsthand how we raise food that is safe and healthy for your family – and ours.  And they'll report what they see, hear and learn right here, on Watch Us Grow  

llinois Farm Families will be at several Chicago-area events and attractions this summer, so come see us!  We’ll answer all your questions, help you register to win free groceries for a year – even help you apply to become a Field Mom for our Family-to-Family Farm Tours later this year.
Meet the farm families this summer:
  • August 11, 18 & 25 - Daley Plaza Farmers Markets, 7 a.m. - 2 p.m.
  • August 12-21 - Illinois State Fair in Springfield
    • See how we have “A Good Thing Growing”
  • Illinois County Fairs
    • Stop by any of the Illinois County fairs to visit farm families and their exhibits
    • Visit Illinois County Fairs for a full schedule and more information about each fair
  • September 17 - Nationwide NASCAR at the Chicagoland Speedway
    • See Kenny Wallace and his Family Farmers race car
    • Visit with real farmers to learn about ethanol, view machinery and ask your questions

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