Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lollapalooza 2011-Saturday Recap & Sunday highlights #lolla #kidza11 #kidza

Here's ChiIL Mama's photo filled best of Kidzapalooza/Lollapalooza Saturday.   Check out the early morning "goose-a-palooza and 312 celebrity kick ball game.   Follow our band adventures with Kids These Days, mainstage acts and Kidza highlights like rockin' in the rain as Tor sat in with Brady Rymer.   Dugan won (and graciously gave up) a $200 Loog guitar, since he'd already won the grand prize Friday.   

We've only got a moment to post as we're off again for our final day of Lolla 2011--20th anniversary.    Look for ChiIL Mama in an original T-shirt from the very first Lollapalooza waaaay back in 1991.  Here's what we're most looking forward to today.

Sunday Plan:
The Kidz Stage has a strong line up today and we'll be there from Keller's 2:30 show through close today.   ChiIL Mama was at the VIR (Very Important Rocker) event this morning from 8-11 where we recorded the whole show and interviewed Ralph Covert & Tor Hyams and The Happiness Club.   We'll have all that posted later this month.

Sunday Kidz Stage Lineup

We're also pretty stoked for a bunch of bands on the main and side stages (some playing simultaneously).   We hope to check out The Cars-4pm-Music Unlimited Stage and Cage The Elephant-5:15-Playstation Stage.

Saturday Recap:
We'll have loads of great coverage in the weeks to come.   Saturday began with "goose-a-palooza" at 10am--see the slide show above.   Then we caught up with the celebrity kickball game.   Check out complete coverage of the game at 312 blog, Hangovers and Hand Grenades by Jeremy.

We enjoyed Northbrook Garage's 11:30 set, and Kids These Days' amazing set as they rocked the Toyota tent in a live broadcast.   Disappears was a welcome surprise.  They have some elements of The Cramps and Nirvana we thoroughly enjoyed.   

Then we bounced back to check out Big Bang Boom rockin' the Kidz Stage.   Then we were back at the north end of Lolla Land for hot sets from Black  Lips, Death From Above 1979, Deftones, and Ween.    Between that, we ran back to Kidza for an amazing set by Brady Rymer and the closing lottery.

In some crazy twist of fate, Dugan was again picked from the random lottery cage for the grand prize, Loog Guitar!   He got excited and happy to give it to his little sister who hadn't won anything either day.   When Tor asked if he'd be willing to give it up to another family Dugan generously agreed and donated his grand prize back to another little girl and agreed to share his original win with his sister.    

We had to get up crazy early for VIR at The James Hotel, so we got outta dodge just as Eminem was going on and the gate crashers were storming the gates in earnest.   We hit a stamped as we left the venue and got the kids out of the way, but I got slammed into the concrete bridge wall by a large dude on the run and the good sized cop who tackled him.   Luckily it's only a flesh wound.

We'll be interviewing Kids These Days and Northbrook Garage in the near future, so check in with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.

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