Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Win A Disc Wednesday Human Tim + Robot Tim-And The Winner Is....

Human Tim + Robot Tim Live at Schubas-I Like Mice

Our winner today is Kristine S., who likes to rock out with her kids to AC/DC, Led Zepplin, Rolling Stones, and Devo.   They've won Pop of the Tots, by Human Tim + Robot Tim, who just performed a rock um sock um show at Beat Kitchen.

(*Apologies for stating we were giving away Candy Band/Little Miss Ann today, earlier in the week.   I've been caring for a sick kiddo for 2 days and had a brain fart.   We are indeed giving away 3 CDs by those 2 bands, but you have a whole 'nother week to enter for those.   (I've gone back in my time machine--or is it Hermionie's time turner--and fixed the future, so we're back on track.)

If you missed it earlier, here's a link to ChiIL Mama's original Human Tim + Robot Tim interview.  (I hate that word "exclusive".   We use it sometimes for lack of a better adjective, but it sounds so snooty, and we're not.   Snotty, maybe, and snarky...oh yeah.   But snobby...not so muchly.)   So, we have original show footage HERE, still photos, and more of our very own new live show footage right here.   Enjoy!

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