Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who Says Practical and Pretty Can't Walk Hand In Hand? #tcmheroes

If Twitter streams ran in colors...there would be a palate out there right now.  A rainbow of newly painted nails are clicking the keys on at least 18 blogs today.  The 29th began with a blog party at Pinky Nails and the creative color choices went waaaay beyond pink.   Mine are shimmering blue and there was an iridescent green and at least one other blue among more traditional reds and mauves.

Thanks again to @drivingmidwest #tcmheroes and The Chicago Moms for adding a bit of color and fun to the week.   It was extra great timing since tomorrow is my birthday and I met another blogger there who said her birthday is April 1st.   So, that was a little early, extra bonus birthday pampering for both of us.

I was happy to see that I didn't have the only short nails in the group!    I didn't see any super long, glam nails in the bunch.   This was a hard working, fast tweeting group of wordsmiths.   We're all used to putting our fingers to the keys, to send our thoughts out over the internet via smart phones, laptops and ipads.   

But who says practical can't be pretty, too?    We saw a couple of pretty practical ChevysThe Cruze and The Traverse LTZ, which had me drooling over the extra seats.    We've had to do a lot of extra driving, when we could have carpooled, and skipped play days with friends we couldn't squeeze into our Toyota RAV4 or our Mitsubishi Montero Sport.   Seating for seven would be amazing!   

I wish I could remember which blogger said it, but my favorite quote of the day was about the Traverse.   She'd driven it and was raving about the camera that shows you a rear view.   She'd just borrowed one to test drive for a week and gushed, "I love that camera.   I really need it, so I can see what I'm running over when I back up."

There was also a raffle to test drive a new Chevy Volt, electric car, for a week.   These aren't even available yet!   We're all about keepin' it eco-friendly and living as gently on the earth as we can.   We've been interviewing bands now since last August and asking a number of them what they do to make the world a greener place.   We may just have to break out They Might Be Giants great Electric Car tune, and take a Volt for a spin some week this summer.

It was also fun to catch up with a number of familiar faces from local events and more than a few #DisneySMMoms, freshly back from The Magic Kingdom.   We're going April 9th, and the last time I saw many of them was out at Disney Vacation Club before their fun in the sun.   It sounds like everyone had an amazing time, despite a few lost shoes and an unseasonable heat wave.    Can't wait till we're Orlando bound!

We also had a great talk with Mary Kay from Chitag, The Chicago Toy and Game Fair we were so impressed with last November.   They're relaunching under a new twitter name, starting a blog, and posting info this week on their young inventors challenge for kids 6-18!  We'll keep all of our readers up to date.   In the mean time, follow and check them out @ChitagFair and save the dates-CHICAGO TOY & GAME FAIR Nov 19 & 20, 2011 - Navy Pier. Come out & play at America's largest public toy & game event! 

Thanks again to Chevy and The Chicago Moms for a fun and informative, social event.   We've got a road trip coming up to Cincinnati in June and we'd love to try out a Traverse for a week.   We'll also be catching all of our readers up on Our Town Our Heroes.   Check out their site to find out how to nominate and celebrate the heroes you know.   

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