Thursday, March 10, 2011

Travel Blog Launch-American Girl Doll Give Away-Exciting Updates

Buh bye blogspot.   We are super jazzed to announce that we're going to just .com and rolling out 2 fun, new blogs, too.   ChiIL Mama will still be our main page, and we have 2 ii's and one L, same as it ever was.    Although we travel the world and enjoy adult and kindie bands from across the planet, our roots are still here in Chicago, IL or ChiIL.   So here's the scoop.   You can now check us out at:

ChiIL Mama at in urban-odd ball-off the wall-alternative-eco-punk parenting in Chi, IL.

ChiIL Live Shows at our concert videos, stills and band interviews archives (for kids and adults)

ChiIL Travel Kids at Mama takes you around Chicago and now around the world. We'll have photo filled journeys from far flung places and guest spots from families living abroad with children.

Look for exciting kick off fun like our American Girl Doll , give away! 

Girl of the Year® Kanani®
Introducing Girl of the Year 2011-- Meet Kanani & Discover Her World.

We also have a big, June Kauai Kids feature, April Eco-Orlando feature, recaps from midsummer in Sweden, Portland adventures, Alaska with toddlers, Asian houseboat rentals, Americans living abroad with kids in Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, England and more!    So check in like we vote in Chicago...early and often.

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