Monday, March 21, 2011

Are You Ready to Hop and Roll? #HOPtoit

We were all hopped up after seeing a preview of HOP on Sunday.    This movie rocks, and it's sure to become an Easter classic.   Hop has a funky, fun soundtrack that's as appealing to the adults in the audience as the littles.   E.B. is one rockin' rabbit with attitude who's hard to resist.

Of course, I had to snicker a little when I heard the feature track, I Want Candy.   Back in the day, I performed in children's theatre productions, and during one of those stints where I played a number of fairy tale legends (IE: Little Red-Alice-Hood) I was in the cast with an entertainer named Tim.   He was a well known Midwestern magician who performed children's shows and opened with a fabulous number featuring a gingerbread house and a disappearing assistant, all set to the version of "I Want Candy" by Bow Wow Wow.   

Tim was also an entertainer of another sort.   By night he was a male dancer, where he also did a routine to "I Want Candy" for his adult audiences.     I guess you never get too old to crave a little candy, eh? 

ChiIL Mama highly recommends Hop as family friendly fun all ages will enjoy.    There are timeless themes of family expectations, the pain and joy of following your dreams, and the insidious results of coup d'états by power hungry underlings.    We particularly loved the genius use of Easter Island as the Easter Bunny's headquarters.    We all laughed out loud multiple times, along this would be drummer's road to rock.   This is a buddy film as much as a bunny film.   Hop is quirky, cool and utterly original.

Check out their website at for lots of fun videos (don't worry-none feature my magician/dancer friend!)  The site features loads of fun games, show specifics and more.   Du Jay's been rockin' the Hop games on Poptropica and Sagezilla has been playing them through Webkins, where you can get a Hop bunny for your own house.  You can even follow Hop on Twitter and Facebook.   Hop officially opens April 1st, so hop to it and reserve your tickets today! 


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