Friday, March 11, 2011

The Wax is BACK!

Woo hoo!!  Earwax Cafe is re-opening today, due to the outpouring of support from residents and restaurant fans.  Is it because Sagezilla cried?!   She bawled when Manee Thai burned down, and like a Phoenix from the fire flames, it has also risen again.

Here's the link from Huffington Post.  

The following statement was released by Earwax Cafe March 10th:

"Due to popular demand Earwax will re-open after a menu overhaul and cleaning tomorrow." 

Kurt Guzowski, formerly Executive Chef of Landmark Grill has spruced up the vegetarian and vegan-focused menu, keeping a few of the old favorites and adding some new dishes and ever-changing daily specials including more fresh fruits and veggies. 

"You guys have convinced us to re-open, despite some difficulties, and to stick with the tried and true concept of the cafe."
The restaurant officially re-opened at 11am today.   The menu has been reduced to about half its size and will include new dishes plus daily specials inspired by seasonal produce. The restaurant will be closed Tuesdays and open only 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Sundays for brunch; a change from the previous 7 day a week late night schedule. 
Check out ChiIL Mama's prior EARWAX COVERAGE here.   For additional restaurant details, check out  Earwax Cafe on Facebook.   Welcome back old friend.

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