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PHOTO FEATURE: Raging Waves Introduces NEW Slide, Wonambi and Behind the Scenes Tour

ChiIL Mama is so excited to be back as 1 of 5 Raging Waves Waterpark Ambassadors again for the 2nd summer. 

The big news this summer is a huge NEW snake shaped tube slide. My kids and their friends all loved it. Word is, the more (up to 4) you have in the tube, the faster and higher the ride. Highly recommended. We were also pretty jazzed to get a private "behind the scenes" tour of the pump room for Kookaburra Kreek. Look for our full photo recap below. We love to take our readers where the public doesn't get to go. We also love to geek out on the technology and logistics of running something so huge and fun. Check it out! Then go already. 

My kids have grown up with Raging Waves, from our first press event there in 2010 to our frequent visits as 1 of 5  Blog Ambassadors in 2015 and now again for the 2016 season. The park is family owned and operated, clean, safe and well run. We love to introduce friends to Raging Waves as well. This time we brought Joe for his first Raging Waves adventures. He had a pretty great time too!


Disclosure: Once again, we're happy to partner up with Raging Waves Waterpark and have been compensated for sharing this information with our readers. As always, all opinions are our own.

NEW FOR 2016 – This four-person tube adventure twists, turns, and will take your breath away.

There are just some names that put fear into the hearts of those who hear it. In ancient Greece, Cyclops put fear into all those until Odysseus conquered the beast. The minotaur guarded the exit of the Labyrinth until Theseus made his escape. Now, a new monster has made its way from aboriginal Australia to Yorkville, IL.  We need you to help conquer

The last of its kind, Wonambi has wandered the Outback longer than most of the mammals and reptiles on the Earth. It’s known to inhabit the wetlands and waterholes looking for prey, tightening its grip on those unsuspecting with lightning speed. With a quick flip, it throws its soon-to-be-meal up in the air – slamming it back down to the earth –taking its last breath away…

Will you be the one to conquer the beast at Raging Waves?

Behind the Scenes -- Kookaburra Kreek Pump House Photos

Tanks taller than teens! It's mind boggling how many tanks and how much pipe it takes to keep Kookaburra Kreek flowing. We're impressed Raging Waves recycles it's water and uses it to water their landscaping!

Kookaburra Kreek
Sit back, relax, close your eyes and let the current take you away.
Kookaburra Kreek is a quarter-mile long lazy river, right in the heart of Raging Waves.  Relax and float through the Outback, underneath three bridges.  Be careful though, as although this is a truly peaceful journey, you still will get wet.
Entrances to Kookaburra Kreek are located near the Three Sisters, Great Barrier Reef, and Cyclone.

Always a great day for funnel cakes with powdered sugar, cinnamon or even ice cream on top!
Raging Waves has several food stands with everything from salads and wraps to burgers and walking tacos. Snacks are plentiful too. 

The signature ride at Raging Waves, twist and turn and drop 40 feet in this popular heart-pumping multi-passenger ride.



These 2 slides are still the favorites 
of our teens, 
but Wonambi, the new slide in town, 
is right up there on the list! 

Raging Waves Features:
  • 20 water slides
  • Quarter mile lazy river
  • Giant kiddie areas to delight children of all ages
  • Humungous Wave Pool
  • Pedal tractor course
  • Brock's Giant Sandbox - sandy beach area

Never too Big for Big Squirts! My kids keep getting older but Big Squirt fights never get old.

Raging Waves is still buckets of fun for the littles, while they wait to grow to the magic 48" that opens up as many slides as they're brave enough to ride. Come on out and bring the whole family. 

Click HERE for details and to book your tickets in advance. Remember, ChiIL Mama's readers get $5 Off GA Tixs All Season with the code CHILL16!

We'll see you out there! Throughout the year, remember to check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often. We have the scoop on what's hot, great nationwide giveaways, and loads of original content including photo & video filled features on Chi, IL and beyond.

Disclosure: Once again, we're happy to partner up with Raging Waves Waterpark and have been compensated for sharing this information with our readers. As always, all opinions are our own.

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