Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Powerful Girl Within FREE two-part training call series

Here at ChiIL Mama we're all about raising healthy, confident, empowered kids.   And we love to feature local moms who are making a difference.   So, we'd like to introduce you to Jill Hope of I Shine Kids.

Jill is a local Chicago mom and parenting coach who has created a series of innovative programs that teach parents how to foster self-esteem, build character and raise emotionally healthy, empowered kids. 

Check out her Powerful Girl Within Program.   Jill developed this program because many parents come to her asking for advice on how to help their daughters who are struggling with peer issues. 

One day they have a friend, only to find that the next day they are left out. Many girls feel they have to be a certain way or look a certain way, and if they don't, they will lose the few friends they have. Does this sound familiar at all (either from your own experience growing up or with your daughter)? 

The unfortunate reality is that girls start to feel this social pressure in pre-school and kindergarten. 

How do you support your daughter to feel confident and self-assured, so she will naturally attract healthy, supportive friendships? How do you help her to appreciate her own uniqueness and feel comfortable in her own skin? How do you encourage her to stop clinging to the one or two girls who may be friends with her one day, only to exclude her the next?

Jill's objective is to empower young girls to be strong and self-assured and seek authentic, supportive friendships. On February 21 and 25, she is offering a FREE two-part training call series called "Secrets of the Powerful Girl Within: Building Confidence, Self-Acceptance, and Inner Strength in Girls." 

On this complimentary two-part training call, participants will learn:
  • The qualities that confident girls have in common (and that many girls today lack)
  • A powerful yet simple exercise to help your daughter build self-appreciation and confidence
  • The one secret weapon every girl possesses to change her situation
  • What every parent MUST do to support and cultivate strong self-esteem in her daughter
  • The role self-responsibility plays in helping girls feel confident and empowered (even during challenges)
  • Participants can listen from the comfort of their own homes at 12 p.m.CST on February 21, 2013 or listen to a recorded version of the call at their convenience. Interested parents can register for this free training call series here:

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