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#CAS13 Hashtag Trends on Twitter 2013 Chicago Auto Show

2013 Chicago Auto Show Provides Automakers with Powerful Platform to Convey News: #CAS13 Hashtag Trends on Twitter

Auto Industry Looks to Social Media to Reach Millennial Generation of Car Buyers

ChiIL Out with ChiIL Mama all week with sweet photo and video filled features on The Chicago Auto Show.   We've known the power and influence of social media for years, and participated in it first hand.   Kudos to major players like The Chicago Auto Show for recognizing what we do.

CAS showed its commitment to providing manufacturers a powerful social media platform to convey news and reach the millennial generation of car buyers during the media preview held last week, and we were there for the press preview sneak peek all day Thursday and Friday, providing great original content for our readers!

This year, the show amplified its Social Media Preview - also dubbed #SMP13 - and added a robust lineup of events including the WOMMA Digital Influencer Awards, Technori Pitch and roundtable discussions with Autoweek, Cars.com, Edmunds and Marketing2Women & Ask Patty. Recognized as one of the more digitally-savvy auto shows, the Chicago Auto Show strives to be a leading indicator of trends for the industry.

According to Forbes, 83 percent of millennials - individuals classified between the ages of 18-33 - have a presence on social media. Proving the Chicago Auto Show's significant role in providing opportunities to reach this demographic, the show's hashtag "CAS13" was the No. 1 national trend on Twitter during the Media Preview. The strong integration of social media into the Chicago Auto Show's Media Preview grants automakers the opportunity to expand their audience and reach this coveted demographic.

In addition to the Chicago Auto Show's robust social media preview, a study conducted by Foresight Research shows that millennial attendance is also high at the show. In 2012, the Chicago Auto Show drew millenials at a rate 50 percent higher than their overall presence in the market.  Foresight said the show also attracts a significant number of "shouters," people who share their opinions with 16 or more people.

"The tools of social media in the hands of these shouters makes the Chicago Auto Show's marketing power demonstrably more effective," said Chicago Auto Show General Manager Dave Sloan.

Three big names in auto manufacturing - Nissan, Kia and Honda - each weighed in on how their organizations are utilizing social media to target millennial car buyers.

According to Nissan's Director of Interactive and Social Media Marketing Erich Marx, "Nissan loves social media, and has embraced social media and we're here at the Chicago Auto Show activating in a big way on Social Media Day."

In fact, last year Nissan announced its 370Z social media crowdsource initiative at the Chicago Auto Show. The campaign was aimed at using fan responses on Nissan's Facebook page to help build, from the ground up, their all new 370Z.

Nissan is not alone. Matias Cavallin, public relations spokesperson, multicultural and social media efforts at Kia, says the manufacturer is also focused on social media. "We just wrapped up a campaign called 'In My Mind' which is a spinoff of the advertising campaign where we focused on the Kia Soul and a video that was produced by Swedish House Mafia. We encouraged people to take that music video and develop their own version with how the Kia Soul inspired them."

Jessica Fini, Honda's assistant manager of public relations, states that social media is incredibly important to Honda's marketing and PR strategy. "Our strategy is a storytelling approach, kind of getting those stories, and using our customers as brand ambassadors; social media is so important for that."

As the online media landscape continues to develop and grow, more auto manufacturers will take a stronger focus on social media to help build brand awareness and loyalty.
  • In a study conducted by Solarix Marketing Firm in 2012, they found that more than 650,000 different people sent out various messages about what kind of car they own, want or were simply buzzing about in a one month period.
  • By using social media tools and increasing their online presence, manufacturers can help navigate the car buying process and reach a more targeted audience of potential car buyers.
  •  By implementing social technologies, manufacturers can develop new product development insights through instant feedback and engagement with their target markets.
Check out our past Chicago Auto Show 2013 coverage here.   Then check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often, for our original Cadillac ride along videos, celebrity footage, Buick's philanthropy with Samaritan's Feet, photo filled features and more!

About the Chicago Auto ShowThe Chicago Auto Show is the largest on the continent, spanning more than 1 million square feet of production, concept, and exotic vehicle exhibit space. In addition to hosting multiple world and North American vehicle debuts, the Chicago Auto Show's First Look for Charity raises more than $2 million annually for 18 worthy Chicago organizations in a single night. The 2013 public show will be February 9-18. For more information please visit ChicagoAutoShow.com orFacebook.com/ChicagoAutoShow.

About The Chicago Automobile Trade AssociationFounded in 1904, the Chicago Automobile Trade Association is the nation's oldest and largest metropolitan dealer organization. It is comprised of about 400 franchised new-car dealers and an additional 150 allied members. The group's dealer members employ about 19,000 people in the metropolitan area. The association has produced the world famous Chicago Auto Show since 1935. For more information please visit CATA.info.
The 2013 Chicago Auto Show is officially sanctioned by the International Organization of Motor Vehicle Manufacturers. Founded in Paris in 1919, it is known as the Organisation Internationale des Constructeurs d'Automobiles.

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