Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mucca Pazza Safety Fifth Album Release at Bottom Lounge #original live show photos #original HD videos

Rhythmic, cult-like chanting filled the air at Bottom Lounge on August 18th.    Moooo ka pa za

When we saw multiple members of the crowd sporting cow costumes, we knew it would be a night to remember!

Chi-town's own favorite punk rock marching band rose to the occasion for their raucous, official album release party for Safety Fifth, and did not disappoint.   The full sized marching band in their wabi sabi, mismatched uniforms and their cheerleaders with shredded caution tape pom pons, are our kinda crazy.   They truly shine in live performance and are a spectacle to see.   

Their name may be Italian for mad cow or crazy cow, but we think they're crazy like a fox....crazy talented musicians playing crazy good music...and a crazy fun show.

*worlds collide alert #1:   Dug ran into two sets of friends from the TV production world at the show.   One of those friends is a neighbor to one of the Mucca Pazza pom pon girls, who is also an accomplished local aerialist/acro/circus performer.   She's played Alice in Wonderland and has ties to another of our favs, The Actors Gymnasium.

*worlds collide alert #2:   ChiIL Mama has caught Mucca Pazza's head muckety muck, Mark Messing, for video interviews twice at Chicago Children's Theatre--once in a duo with Brian Selznick, author/illustrator of Hugo Cabret.  (Brian's book was the basis for Oscar Award winning hit movie, Hugo, and The Houdini Box play.) The other Mark Messing/ ChiIL Mama interview is in a duo with genius director, David Kersnar, in an amusingly Ernie and Bert-like bed interview on the set of Goodnight Moon!   Check them both out by clicking the links above. Mark is the mad maestro and musical mastermind behind Mucca Pazza and the scores to numerous musicals and plays including the critically acclaimed Hunchback Variations.

Check back with ChiIL Live Shows like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.   We have loads more HD video clips and live show footage coming soon.   

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