Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Back to School Brownie Bites #Cookware #Back to School

My kids are in a Chicago Public Track E school, which means they get big, several week breaks in October, December and March.   That also means they go back to school before most kids, as in THIS Monday, August 13th.   Sounds early, but they're actually 1 week later than usual, to our great relief.   We alway do Lollapalooza/Kidzapalooza in a BIG way....covering all 3 days, morning till close, and the kids have had to get up after that, put on uniforms, and start school!!

So we're so stoked to have an extra bonus week off, to recover from fest lag, take it easy, enjoy relaxing summer fun like the beach and movies, and make some sweet treats.    So far, we've made homemade ice cream and popsicles.   We haven't had a chance to try out this cool contraption, but it looks like fun.   I'm imagining not just a back to school brownie baking bonanza, but sweet treats in the perfect size for school lunches, too.   We met Holstein Housewares at the International Home and Housewares Show, and their playful, fun products will bring a smile to any child's face...even one that's heading back to school.


Holstein Housewares continues to simplify life in the kitchen and make every day cooking and entertaining easy. The brands innovative Fun line includes the Holstein Fun Brownie Maker. With the Brownie Maker you can satisfy your sweet tooth as easy as 1,2,3!

The Holstein Fun Brownie Maker makes seven fun shaped fudgy brownies. To make your brownies you simply pour in your favorite batter, close the lid and in just a few minutes your sweet treats are ready to enjoy! Not only is the Brownie Maker great for baking a fresh batch of brownies, you can also prepare pancakes and an endless amount of delicious cake recipes. To find some great recipes to try with your Brownie Maker visit Holstein Housewares.

Holstein shows you how effortless it is to use your Brownie Maker with their How-to video. Bake delightful recipes with three quick steps and enchant your friends and family with their fun shapes. The Holstein Fun Brownie Maker also has a non-stick coating that makes clean up time a breeze!

“Making sure baking and enjoying your favorite treat was not complicated was exactly what motivated us to create the Holstein Fun Brownie Maker” says co-founder Vanessa Valera-Nolte. No longer do you need to pre-heat an oven and use multiple pans to bake your favorite chocolate dessert.

The Holstein Fun Brownie Maker’s space-saving storage allows you to store the small kitchen appliance upright and maximize your kitchen space. Also, the Brownie Maker is available in two fashion-forward colors that are great for any kitchen, teal (HF-09005E) and magenta (HF-09005M). This small kitchen appliance is 700 watts and has a non-slip base, indicator light, and a safety lock.

To learn more about the Holstein Fun Brownie Maker and the rest of the Holstein Fun line visit Holstein Housewares. Make sure to look for additional small kitchen appliances that will be introduced to the Fun line and give your kitchen the Holstein touch!

About Holstein Housewares
Holstein Housewares was born in 2007 from its parent company Distrivalto. The co-founders found a need for a highly stylized, functional and affordable housewares brand. For high-resolution images and/or product specifications, please email our Public Relations Department at the email listed above.

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