Monday, August 18, 2008

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2008 Season

Sunday we spent a day in merry olde England, just across the border into Wisconsin, at The
Bristol Renaissance Faire. Although the re creationists may grouse that the faire lacks authenticity, it's a marvelously fun place to people watch. Where else can you see tattooed pirates, peasants, bar maids in corsets, goths, fairy children, bikers in chain mail bikinis, knights and sorcerers sweltering in the heat together?

We were guests of Ren Faire royalty, The Swordsmen, Dirk Perfect and Guido Crescendo. Last summer Dug worked on their live DVD for 2 days, which they graciously gave us a copy of, along with free fair tickets.

Highlights were scaling the castle walls, bungee fun on the pirate catapult, spinning on the pirate ride and sky chair go round, eating mile high chocolate crepe sundaes, and watching shows. We caught acts by The Swordsmen, Moonie the Magnif'Cent, Tea Time With Lady Ettie and The Washing Well Wenches.

I've decided I wanna dress like Lady Ettie when I grow up (minus the shoddy dental hygiene).


The kids learned about good dollars and sense when they each took a set amount of their own piggy bank money to spend as they chose. Both kids picked out mythical creatures necklaces, hand made Indian bells, tie dyed scarves and ribbon dancers. Sagezilla bought poi balls for festival dancing and earrings.

Du-Jay frugally saved most of his money, making a few small purchases at the end of the day, once he'd seen everything. He now has 3 magic, colored glass rocks, a handmade glass bead, and money to spare. Mama had to hit up Ye Merry Olde Cash Station, before the day's end, but it was well worth it.

We had a fabulously fun day. Every night from 6:20-7pm, there is a closing finale, drum jam. Hordes of colorful characters gather on the green to dance together. Sagezilla broke in her new poi balls and Du-Jay took movies of the contact jugglers, drummers and dancers with his own camera.

The faire ends Monday of labor day weekend, but returns for a weekend run all summer, every summer.

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