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Kindie Land: W Is for Wapiti An Alphabet Songbook

Here at ChiIL Mama, The Secret Mountain has been a favorite of ours for years!    Their multicultural, high quality children's book and CD pairings will be a keepsake for your family for generations. 
Check out the first reviews/give aways we ever did for The Secret Mountain right here.   

Even though they're early childhood books, my 9 & 11 year old kids still fondly remember the songs and are saving the books in case they have children of their own some day!   We give away zillions of outgrown story books, but we have a box of "keepers" in the attic where all the favorites go, and The Secret Mountain books/CDs always make the cut.    Hopefully by the time my kids have kids we'll be able to find an "antique" CD player!

The Secret Mountain has done it again, with another awesomely creative release, W is for Wapiti!

New Release for September 2012
The Secret Mountain Makes Learning the Alphabet More Fun with a new songbook and CD 

W Is for Wapiti
An Alphabet Songbook
Colorfully illustrated hardbound story book includes a CD featuring 25 original whimsical, language-building songs

The Secret Mountain brings the fun back to the alphabet by addressing the sound of each letter, from A to Z, through amusing and lively songs.

Each page of the colorfully illustrated songbook features a whimsical way to look at each letter, from “A is for Aha! Aha!” to “Z is for zoom through it because our song’s already through.” Pre-­‐readers and early readers alike will enjoy thinking about the letters and words.

The songs are simply worded for these emerging readers, but there’s plenty here to challenge those who want to learn more sophisticated words like “M is for my marmot and me” and “R is for rambunctious rascals making a racket.” The title song, “W is for Wapiti,” is accompanied by a picture of a humongous beast stalking a hunter through the forest. It’s quite a turnabout! The last song, “Let’s Sing It Again,” will ensure that early readers and careful listeners become ABC experts

"Mister Elephant" from W Is for Wapiti
"Mister Elephant," a song from  W Is for Wapiti, new from The Secret Mountain in September.

Genevieve Cote created the charming watercolor artwork for the 48-page picture book.

About the MUSIC CD
The songs were written by Christiane Duchesne and Paul Kunigis, with performances by Karen Young and Glen Bower, along with a children's chorus.

"Aha Aha!" from W Is for Wapiti.

The Secret Mountain creates children’s books, apps, videos and music of the highest quality. The French imprint ~ La Montagne Secrète ~ is hailed as one of the most original and innovative children’s publishing houses in Canada and France. The company recently made its United States debut with award-winning music, DVDs and books. Previous titles from this world lullaby storybook-music CD series include Songs from the Baobob Tree (2011) and Songs in the Shade of the Flamboyant Tree (June 2012). In October, the company will release another international storybook-with-CD featuring middle eastern children's music: Songs in the Shade of the Olive Tree: Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes from the Maghreb. For more information,

More Details about W Is for Wapiti
Hardcover with CD, 48 pages. CD duration: 50 minutes.
Full color illustrations, song translations.
Recommended ages: 3 to 7.
Suggested retail price: $16.95 (US)

More Information about The Secret Mountain, visit:

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