Monday, August 22, 2011

Huzzah! Photo Filled Adventures at Bristol Renaissance Faire

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Bristol Renaissance Faire Is Merry Olde Fun For All.   We're going back again next weekend with a bunch of friends, and can't wait.    Here's our photo filled adventures from earlier this season.    We had a chance to check out the new Ren Quest mini mystery for kids.   It was a fun story line and everyone left with a prize.   When we went the kids got a cool, sparkly rock and a wooden Ren Faire necklace.   Make a bee line and register early because space is limited and the game fills fast.

Sagezilla, more pirate than lady, again rocked the pirate catapult and scaled the castle walls.   She's mastered the art of backflips while bouncing unimaginably high, with nothing but bungie cords and a harness to keep her from flying off into oblivion.    She also tried the bigger castle climbing wall for the first time this year and monkeyed right up.

My little collectors thoroughly enjoyed checking out the fair's fares.    We came home with 2 little vials of fairy dust on a lanyard, a dragon necklace, and various magic pebbles, blown glass tinys and a silver unicorn on a rock.    The kids were also give treasures, by various sordid characters, and ended up with a "monkey finger", a bead, three glass pebbles, and two marbles. 

One of our favorite vendors is Grichels-A Wrinkle in Reality.   We're entranced by their leather works with real taxidermy eyes and more personality than you'd believe possible.    Du-Jay bought a bookmark from them with his own money, last year at The Chicago Waldorf School Winter Fair, and our pup, Igraine the Brave, used it as a teething toy.    When we told the good folks at Grichels of the sad fate of the bookmark beastie, they gave Du another.   Very cool!   We're keeping it up in the bunk bed bookshelf, well out of dog's way.    

We're also huge fans of Sky Chairs, and have bought 3 of them over the years.    They're super comfortable.    I even spent much of both pregnancies in the Sky Chair because it was easy to get in and out of and the motion was soothing.

Sagezilla was literally nearly born in our hemp Sky Chair!    I labored so long there before hitting the birthing pool, because being able to rock eased the pressure of contractions and felt great.   Both kids were so chill there as nurslings, too.   It was the coolest suspended rocking chair ever.   We highly recommend Sky Chairs as great gift for pregnant, birthing or nursing friends.    Of course they're pretty cool for just about everyone.    We haven't met anyone yet who didn't love ours.

We've been long time fans of Ren Fair and it was great to see many of our old favs again.    We made a point to catch The Barely Balanced Acrobats big fire finale show and Adam (Crack) Winrich, the Fire Whip Guy.

It was also a visit for checking out some new acts like the ventriloquist, Ded Bob Sho.   We can't wait to go back and check out Jane the Phoole, Moonie and Broon, and The Swordsmen.

We finished off our Ren Fair Adventures with our tradition of decadent Mile High Chocolate Crepes.

We highly recommend checking out the faire, running for the next 2 weekends and closing Labor Day Monday.


Steampunk Invasion
August 27 & 28
Bring your vials filled with life elixir, crank those sprockets, engage your pulley system and don your Victorian finery. Then come chase 'the green fairy' at our Absinthe Bar.  


Fantasy Facial Hair Contest
August 28
Just one growing week left for our Fantasy Facial Hair Contest. Get a beard comb, break out the hair gel, the bedazzler and the food coloring.  Be proud, be scientific and experiment with your hair... Bristol will provide your reward.

Dates & Times

The Bristol Renaissance Faire is only open on specific weekends during the summer and fall
In 2011 the show starts Saturday, July 9th and runs only on Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day, from July 9th through September 5th, 2011. The show is not open on any weekday except Labor Day, which is the final show day of the year.

The show hours are 10am through 7pm.

Join us:

Saturdays, Sundays & Labor Day 
July 9 through Sept. 5, 2011 

Off I-94 at the IL/WI border 

10am - 7pm 


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