Saturday, July 23, 2011

Mom's Night Out Tonight At Kenmore Studio With 150 Friends!

I can't wait for mom's night out tonight with 150 Chicago area moms.  Thank YOU ChiTown Moms and Little Tech Girl!    We'll get massages, manicures, wine, great food, and goody bags.    This event is at capacity with 35 on the wait list, but you can follow along on the food demo here:

The cooking show portion of the event (7 - 8)  will be STREAMED LIVE on Facebook!!   Check it out on the Kenmore Facebook Page.   And yes, we'll get to eat the goodies! Plus we'll know how to make them when we get home.  There will be lots of wine!

  • We will have 5-10 handsome "Man servants". If you missed last year, you missed the auction (and action). LOL! This year they will just be there to wait on us hand and foot!
  •  a few spots available for moms to get natural manicures and/or massages 

PRIZES: There will be many, many prizes to give away. Winners are picked right from our registration list. Here are just a few:
  • Gift cards for food, sweets, and even "toys" (notice the quotes!)
  • A family membership to a Chicago museum
  • Laptop bag stuffed with office supplies
  • A bag full of random goodies and gadgets
  • Beauty products
  • A Fitness Session
  • ....and even a 1 week car loan from GM in a shiny new vehicle!!

We'll have a photo filled recap after the event.

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