Monday, July 18, 2011

Chicago Shakespeare's The Adventures of Pinocchio 4 Pack Entries Close at Midnight 7/18

Photo credit 2011
Sagezilla & Du-Jay-Puppetmasters

Ever hear the one about the little wooden puppet whose nose grew every time he lied.   Man, I kind of wish real little boys and girls were like that (as long as it was reversible!)   Some of them are practiced in the art of deception, like Sagezilla, who told me "The dog left the water running", at the tender age of 4.

Pinocchio is a timeless classic and Chicago Shakespeare's puppet filled, musical rendition is sure to be well loved by adults and kids lying.   Enter through tonight for your chance at 4 free tickets to a show of your choosing, pending availability.    We'll announce our winner tomorrow on Free Ticket Tuesdays.

Check back in early and often for loads of original videos, interviews, live show footage, nationwide give aways and upcoming fun stuff to check out around Chi Town.

Photo credit 2011

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