Tuesday, September 21, 2010

With Apologies To Broccoli--Check Out Voluntary Butler Scheme

“Infectious and charming, one-man-band Rob Jones is like a mix of Badly Drawn Boy and Brian Wilson’s more acid-fried work.” — Q

"Bubblegum, call-and-response Motown, manufactured in the Midlands and as sweet as candy." — The Sunday Times

We're sorry for ripping on broccoli yesterday.   Broccoli rocks. When I was a toddler, I used to call it music notes because tiny pieces of cooked broc. stay on the plate and look like music notes.   So, to make up for our broccoli bashing, we have a charming, video from the UK that includes the lyrics:   "If you were broccoli, I'd turn vegetarian for you."   Here's Voluntary Butler Scheme With Trading Things In.

Voluntary Butler Scheme takes you inside the creative mind of Rob Jones, a gifted songwriter from across the pond in Stourbridge, UK.   The indi-pop debut record from the Voluntary Butler Scheme, At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea is now available here in North America.

Park The Van says, Colorful, youthful, and immaculately collected songs meet with the same sort of wits as the High Llamas, and the same sort of heart as the most beloved Harry Nilsson songs.   Rob Jones serves his patchwork pop with sides of early Atlantic-era R&B gravy and bright-eyed crunch, self-sampling and ingenuity that come from an artist who writes emails to indie labels, and is more than willing to “listen to La Bamba on your mp3 player.” He's got us ready for whatever autumn has in store for us, but until then, we're riding out the heat wave until its frigid end. Welcome, the Voluntary Butler Scheme.

ChiIL Mama checked out the 14 tracks on At Breakfast, Dinner, Tea and Rob Jones has won us over.    With amusing song names like Sleeping On Top Of Things, Until My Watch Runs Out Of Batteries, Laundry, and Dancing With Ted Danson, this album delivers catchy, amusing little bites, as satisfying as breakfast and dinner and as English as tea.

The Voluntary Butler Scheme on Park The Van: http://www.parkthevan.com/vbs

The Voluntary Butler Scheme on Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/thevoluntarybutlerscheme

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