Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rock of Ages Interviews

ChiIL Mama caught up with 3 patrons after they'd seen Rock of Ages.   Here's what the audience had to say:

1.  ChiIL Mama--What's your first name?

Melissa (aka Mel)

2.  CM--How far did you drive to see Rock of Ages?  

M--I took the train from Galesburg -- so roughly 200 miles.
D--30 miles +/- (burbs)
K--12 miles

3.   CM--Did you come in costume?  

M--No, but I wish I had!
D--I dressed up, which is like a costume for me, but no.

4.   What are some memorable audience outfits you saw? 

M--There was this group of women as we came in that had neon-colored glitter wigs and boas.  That was my favorite.  We also saw a lot of leg warmers and Flashdance-style tops.  And then there was the bachelorette party with the bride in a tiara.

D--Bachelorette party - the girl with the uber short, black mini-dress and 6" heels and some kind of fake flower thing sticking outta her jet black, Morticia Addams hair

K--girl with hot pink barred sunglasses, a jean jacket, tight-rolled jeans,
double-layered socks, and crimped hair

5.   What was the major draw, or your main reason for coming to Rock of Ages?

M--I'm not going to lie.  The primary reason I wanted to see the show was Constantine.  I'm an American Idol fan.  I had also read reviews of the show when it was on Broadway and it sounded like such a fun show. 

D--The music!

K--80's music!

6.   Tell me about your favorite scenes? 

M--I absolutely loved just about any scene with Lonny.  His character was hilarious!  I thought the bathroom seduction scene was really well done and loved the act I finale.

D--Sister Christian scene - love that song! And Whitesnake Here I Go Again scene - I liked the power beats as much now as I did then.

K--"We're not gonna take it" to begin 2nd act... re the LA strip being

7.   Who's performances stood out and why? 

M--Constantine for sure, but I also loved the actor who played Lonny and the actor who played Stacy Jax.

D--Constantine - seemed like a shy nerd type, which doesn't really match the hair and Lonny who rocked that mullet hard. And if that German character wasn't gay, his actor certainly was.

K--I liked the club owner because he had the funniest lines.

8.   What are your backgrounds or professions? 

M--I am a high school English, speech, and drama teacher.  I also act and direct with local community theatre.

D--Regular working stiff now but I've had theatre design experience and I really enjoyed the set and how it functioned (swing-out bathroom/producer office) as well as how it was dressed.

K--classical musician and office serf

9.   Those of you who come from a musical background, what is your take on Rock of Ages vocally and theatrically? 

M--No music background -- just a music lover.  I do direct musicals, though, and was just in awe of the technical prowess of the show.  

D--Minimal musical background (high school choir) but I thought the voices were very strong and, for the most part, they honored the songs by not changing them to be The-at-trick-cal.

K--vocally, the singing was very appropriate for the period and style. The lead
romantic vocalists sang with great pitch and awareness in a healthy belting
style. The hippie protest chic was irritating, though, because she spoke
with a pinched larynx through the entire show... it sounded like screaming
all the time. Too bad. Everyone else was good, though. Although I'm not a
fan of the hyper-effeminate portrayal of Franz, the German guy. Too heavily
stereotyped for my taste.

10.   Give me a 1 sentence sound bite. 

M--Rock of Ages rocked my socks off!  :)

D--Half of me enjoyed the show while the other half of me enjoyed a few trips down memory lane - that was worth the price.

K--"Rock of Ages" is hot, sticky, and sweet. 

(Apologies to the touring company/ Chicago cast.   We would have much preferred to run cast photos of you, but had to run with what we've got.   You guys rocked!)

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