Sunday, September 19, 2010

Talk Like A Pirate Day 2010: Day Break on The Rusty Barnacle

Scene 1:   Interior, pirate sleeping quarters

Pirate Sagezilla:   Arrg.   I'll trade ya some chum for a bottle of rum.

Pirate Du-Jay:   Let's tell Mom the rules.   Here's what you do when we yell Captain's Coming.

Pirate ChiIL Mama:   Who's the Captain?

Zilla:   Up the flagpole?

CM:   Your a flagpole???

Zilla:   No!  Not I'm a flag pole, up a flag pole.   You said hoist the captain.  So I said, up the flagpole?

CM:   (laughing)  I said WHO'S the Captain, not hoist the captain.

Du-Jay:   Hit the decks (smacking the bed).   Captain coming.

CM:   Who's Captain Coming?

Zilla:   Hose Captain Coming?   OK. (mimes getting a hose and squirting him).

CM:   Arrrg.   I'm going back to bed.

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