Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Windy City Roller All-Stars Triumphed Over The Texecutioners 88-62 Saturday

The number of family fans of Roller Derby has been steadily growing, and the kids were out in force Saturday night.   We've been going to see derby for years and the kid presence is bigger and better than ever.   Saturday, Sagezilla, Du-Jay and I returned again, to see the WCR All Stars roll right over their Texas rivals in the main match up of the evening.   Both teams are the top of their regions.   And with an early start time, it was a good before bedtime bout to bring the littles to.

It was especially fun to see real Texas derby girls, since the fictitious Texas team in Whip It brought flat track Roller Derby up on the radar of so many new fans.   Thank you Texas.   It was still great to see Chicago kick your booties last weekend.  Texas, have you been practicing up on that "We're number 2" chant?  If you haven't seen it yet, Drew Barrymore's directorial debut, starring Ellen Page as tiny but mighty, Bliss, is well worth checkin' out.   

We got to see our friend, Mya Ssault, skate hard in the opening bout, which showcased standout performances from Val Capone, Tamikaze, Zoe Trocious, Karmageddon and Hermione Danger.   Despite heroic efforts, our Windy City B-Team, The Windy City Rollers Second Wind, lost to the A-Team from Indianapolis.   

A final win of 190-78 went to the Naptown Roller Girls.   Despite our loss, this was a seriously fun bout, and the players were mobbed with autograph seeking kids.   These were no fair weather fans.   The kids were impressed and in awe with the athletes, and excited that the derby girls came out front to meet everyone before their game sweat had even dried!

In the next few weeks, ChiIL Mama will be talking to Mamas who skate in Chicago's Derby Lite and girls who skate JRDA, Junior Roller Derby.   We were happy to see some of the Windy City Mamas getting their props recently at Time Out Chicago Kids on line.

WFTDA Championships Uproar on the Lakeshore:   Chicago will host the finals November 5-7th, with 3 days of awesome Roller Derby action.   Tickets are on sale now.

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  1. Thank you so much for supporting us! Keep your little ones coming out to the derby, they're the next wave of the WCR! :)

    Check out the full article from Time Out on mamas in derby at:

    Catch you on the track, Varla Vendetta