Sunday, September 12, 2010

i ♥ Faces--Vroom! Vroom!

 Week 37-- Faces and Vehicles
The contest this week, at i ♥ Faces, is to include any sort of vehicle and a very visible face.   Here's Du-Jay at the age of 8, checkin' our our friend's sweet chopper.   Normally nobody is allowed to touch THE CHOPPER...even other grown ups, so Du was xtra lucky.

Of course it's his little sister, Sagezilla, who asked for a motorcycle for her 7th birthday.   The convo went something like this:

ChiIL Mama--What do you want from Mom and Dad for your birthday.

Sagezilla--A motorcycle.

CM--A toy ride on one or a bicycle that looks like one?

S--No way.   I want a REAL, grown up kind of motorcycle.

CM--You have to be old enough to have a special license and take lessons before you can get a bike.

S--How old is that?


S--We'll how 'bout a moped, then.

CM--I didn't even know you knew what a moped was...


CM--No.   You're too young for a moped, too.

S--Aw man.   I'm too little for anything good!

We got Sagezilla a Tony Hawk skate board for Wii, to keep the kid off the streets for a few more years, and still let her feel like a big kid.   That was a huge hit.   

The kids are both awfully cute on the seats of our friends' bikes now, but I'm not looking forward to the later teen years when they'll actually be able to ride.   We've had too many friends who were, safe, skilled experienced bikers who were hit by oblivious, reckless car drivers, and injured.   Please be aware of motorcycles and bicycles when you drive, and give them space and the right of way!

For more fun photos with vehicles, click on the link below.

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  1. WOW! High aspirations for this one! Good for her! I remember sitting on my dads friends chopper as a kid and knocking it over - holy crap did I get in trouble!