Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Twitter #JuiceBox Party


No...Not that kinda juicebox party!   I'd never thought of alternate innuendos for juice boxes and straws till I logged in to Twitter to set up for Tetra Pak's event and a bunch of unrelated, more x rated, posts came up.   Cripe-a-mole, I'll never look at the packaged lunch box aisle in the grocery the same way again.

Nevertheless, this is the sweet n innocent, sweetened juice kinda party, people.   Maybe The Boogers will do a remake of Black Flag's song, Six Pack, for kids.   They could call it Juice Pack or Tetra Pak and include lyrics like "We've got nothin' better to do.   Than play Wii Games and drink a lotta juice...6 pack."

If you want the chance to win 1 of a 6 pack of $50 AMEX gift cards and you have an hour to spare to chat about the G Rated kinda juice boxes, come tweet up with us today from 2-3pm.

Join Us for the Tetra Pak "Celebrate the Juice Box" Twitter Party!

: Tetra Pak "Celebrate the Juice Box" Twitter Party

When: Tuesday, September 14th from 3-4 pm EST

Why: Talk about the juice box and great ways to pack lunches and get involved in the Celebrate the Juice Box contest 

Hashtag: #juicebox

Host: @MomCentral and @JB_Birthday

RSVP: http://twtvite.com/juiceboxbirthdayparty
Questions?: Contact Allison at aparker@momcentral.com
About the Party:
This year the juice box turns 30, and Tetra Pak, the world's leading food processing and packaging solutions company and manufacturer of juice boxes, has set out to give this pantry staple the party it deserves. Join us next Tuesday, as we celebrate with a "Celebrate the Juice Box" Twitter Party.
In addition to chatting about the juice box's birthday, we’ll discuss tips for packing lunches, being eco-friendly, and how your family can get involved in the "Celebrate the Juice Box" contest. By participating, you will be entered to win one of six $50 AMEX gift cards! We encourage you to check out the Celebrate the Juice Box website before the party starts so you can give us your thoughts and be prepared to answer questions.

How do I join the conversation?

Easy. Just tweet using the hashtag #juicebox. Mom Central moderators will help guide the conversation with fun questions and giveaways.
Who are the moderators?
Stacy DeBroff (@MomCentral) along with Mom Central staffer Matt (@mschuierer), and Tetra Pak at @JB_Birthday will be on hand to guide the discussion and chat with participants. Make sure you're following them before the party starts!

How do I follow the conversation?
Use the hashtag #juicebox to follow along. To help keep up with the conversation, we suggest that you follow the hashtag by:

1.    Setting up a #juicebox search on search.twitter.com or on your twitter program (e.g. TweetDeck or Twirl)

2.    Using a twitter aggregator such as twubs.com
Looking forward to chatting with you!

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